【2024】West Sichuan Tour Group—Sichuan 8-Day Jiuzhaigou + Ruoergai + Lianbaoyezhe

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan

Sichuan Province is famous for its rich natural landscapes and cultural heritage, among which Jiuzhaigou is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. After visiting Jiuzhaigou, many tourists often don’t know how to combine other attractions to maximize their travel experience. This time, we specially invited Sichuan local travel planners to design a unique itinerary for everyone, adding the niche but very charming Lianbaoyezhe and Ruoergai.

1. Sichuan Jiuzhaigou + Ruoergai + Lianbaoyeze 8 days

  • Chengdu ➽ Huanglong Scenic Area ➽ Zoige ➽ Hongyuan Grassland ➽ Aba County ➽ Maerkang ➽ Dujiangyan ➽ Chengdu

  • Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area: Green mountains, waterfalls, clear lakes

  • The treasure of fairyland [Huanglong Scenic Area], the majestic Huanglong Mountain, and the lake as blue as jade.

  • Featured attractions: Natural Lake [Ruoergai Huahu Scenic Area], Jade Peak [Lianbaoyezhe Scenic Area]


  • Feel the ethnic customs: the simple and magnificent Tibetan architecture [Zhuokeji Official Village], the Qiang village customs [Taoping Qiang Village Scenic Area]

  • Get close to the national treasure panda: [Panda Base]


  • Arrange to take the Sichuan-Qinghai Railway


  • Four people in a group, pure play, no shopping itinerary, high-quality foreign guest group

  • welcomeforeignerWith tourists from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, such as: Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, Canada, Japan...

  • Accommodation in four-star hotels

  • From consultation to departure, we will provide you with a stress-free Sichuan tour itinerary

  • Exclusive one-on-one travel specialist who understands your needs best and answers your questions immediately

2. Sichuan Jiuzhaigou + Ruoergai + Lianbaoyezhe 8-day - Attractions and Travel Agency Services

Excellent native speaking tour guides will be arranged throughout the journey (Cantonese, Chinese and English tour guides can be selected)

Use qualified and safe tourist vehicles throughout the entire journey, not black-brand vehicles

*No tour guide will be arranged for people under 8 people, and will be accompanied by a professional driver locally

  • Ganhaizi: Its scientific name is Fangcaohai. It is a natural meadow pasture with beautiful scenery and different views in each season.
  • Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area is famous for its stunning scenery that changes with each season and is a world natural heritage.
  • Huanglong Scenic Area: Huanglong Scenic Area is famous for its magnificent calcification pools and unique landforms, and is a world natural heritage.
  • Ruoergai Huahu Scenic Area: Ruoergai Huahu Scenic Area has picturesque grasslands and lakes, with colorful flowers in summer and red leaves all over the mountains in autumn.
  • Hongyuan Prairie: Hongyuan Prairie is an oasis on the plateau, famous for its vast grassland and unique natural scenery. 
  • The First Bay of the Yellow River: The First Bay of the Yellow River has a spectacular nine-bend river landscape and is known as the "majestic phantom in the universe."
  • Lianbaoyezhe Scenic Area: Lianbaoyezhe Scenic Area is composed of many alpine lakes, which are said to be formed from the homesickness tears of Princess Wencheng.
  • Zhuokeji Official Village: Zhuokeji Official Village is located in Maerkang County and is an important historical and cultural site in Jiarong Tibetan area.
  • Taoping Qiang Village Scenic Area: Taoping Qiang Village Scenic Area is known as the mysterious oriental ancient castle and has a history of more than 2,000 years.
  • Panda Base: It is one of the largest panda breeding and research bases in the world and has the largest captive panda colony in the world. 
  • Kuanzhai Alley: Kuanzhai Alley is a famous historical and cultural district in Chengdu, blending ancient and modern styles. 

3. 8-day trip to Jiuzhaigou, Ruoergai and Lianbaoyeze in Sichuan

Day 1: Arrive at Chengdu Airport (pick up), stay at Holiday Inn Express Tianfu Airport or Tianfu International Rongqingyuan or equivalent.

Go to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. After arrival, go to the hotel to rest. Partners from all over the world fly to Chengdu Airport. The staff will pick you up at the airport according to the flight arrival time and take you to the Chengdu hotel for rest.

Day 2: Chengdu High-speed Railway East Station - Jiuzhaigou (about 3 hours by high-speed rail), accommodation: Jiuzhaigou Celebrity Hotel or Jiuyuan International Hotel or equivalent

【Sichuan-Qinghai Railway】

The route passes through world-class tourist attractions such as Sanxingdui, Chengdu to Huanglong, Jiuzhaigou, etc. The Qingbaijiang East to Zhenjiangguan section that we took today is located in Sichuan Province. It starts from Qingbaijiang East Station, passes through Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu City, Guanghan City, Shifang City, Mianzhu City of Deyang City, Anzhou District of Mianyang City, Maoxian County and Songpan County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, and connects to Zhenjiangguan Station of Songpan County. It is 206 kilometers long with a designed speed of 200 kilometers per hour.


The scientific name of this lake is Fangcaohai, located at Gonggangling, the border between Songpan County and Jiuzhaigou County. It was originally a high mountain lake, but due to geological changes, the outlet was expanded, so the local people called it "Ganhaizi". It is surrounded by mountains and dense forests. The stream in the lake is winding, and the grass is lush, like a velvet carpet covering the ground. In summer and autumn, wild flowers are dotted in between, and there are herds of cattle, sheep, mules and horses. In winter and spring, it is deep yellow, which contrasts with the red leaves of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Ganhaizi is a natural meadow pasture with gently undulating terrain. There are low pine trees scattered on the vast meadow. There are long grasslands at the foot, shaded by grass and trees, and yaks walking in front of you. It is a highland pasture scenery. With the distant view of snow-capped mountains, this is an ideal place for viewing and taking pictures.

Day 3: One-day tour of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area, overnight at Jiuzhaigou Celebrity Hotel or Jiuyuan International Hotel or equivalent

【Jiuzhaigou Valley】

You can travel in all four seasons, and each season has different scenery, which changes in thousands of ways and forms a dazzling dreamlike scenery. The spring lake, summer waterfall, autumn forest and snow-capped mountains are all different and natural, and are the most spectacular wonders in the world.

【Shuanglong Sea】

Located in the bushes under the Sparkling Sea Waterfall, there are two belt-shaped biological calcareous reefs lurking on the seabed, just like two dragons hiding in the sea, wriggling and ready to move.

【Mirror Sea】

It is like a mirror, replicating the scenery on the ground and in the sky onto the water surface without distortion. When the morning sun first appears and the morning glow dyes the eastern sky red, the sea water is as smooth as a mirror, and the blue sky, white clouds and snow-capped mountains are all reflected on the sea surface, presenting a spectacle of "fish swimming in the clouds and birds flying in the water".

【Shuzheng Group Sea】

It is the gateway to the beautiful scenery of Jiuzhaigou. The Shuzheng Group Trench is 13.8 kilometers long and has more than 40 lakes, accounting for about 40% of all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area.


It is the largest and deepest of all the lakes in Jiuzhaigou. It is about 8 kilometers long from north to south and about 4.4 kilometers wide from east to west. It covers an area of about 2 million square meters, with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters and a highest point of 4,457 meters. It is the largest lake in Jiuzhaigou.

【Five-color Pond】

It is the essence of the lakes in Jiuzhaigou and the smallest and most colorful lake in Jiuzhaigou. The upper half is turquoise, the lower half is orange-red, the left side is sky blue, and the right side is olive green.

【Norilang Waterfall】

Located in Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province, China, at an altitude of 2,365 meters, the waterfall is 270 meters wide and 24.5 meters high. It is one of the largest calcified waterfalls in China and the widest waterfall in China. Nuorilang means tall and majestic in Tibetan, so Nuorilang Waterfall means a majestic waterfall.

At your own expense-【Jiuzhaigou Eternal Love】

The world's first 5D theater live performance is also the most expensive, most technologically advanced, and most original Tibetan and Qiang cultural tourism performance in Sichuan Province. The performances are divided into "Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism", "Ancient Qiang War Song", "Han-Tibetan Peace", "Boundless Love", "Legend of Jiuzhaigou", "Heaven and Earth Auspiciousness" and other performances. The beautiful and mysterious Tibetan and Qiang songs and dances take you on a journey through time and space, and the magnificent Tang Dynasty Palace shows the feat of Princess Wencheng's Han-Tibetan marriage. The world's first 5D real scene and high-tech means reproduced the tragic scene of the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in Aba Prefecture, with mountains collapsing, houses collapsing, the entire theater and thousands of seats shaking violently, and 3,000 cubic meters of flood water rushing down in an instant. Real stories and touching pictures show the boundless love of the Chinese nation in fighting against earthquakes and disasters.

Day 4: Jiuzhaigou - Huanglong Scenic Area - Ruoergai, overnight at Ruoergai Tuyuan Skyline Hotel or Kaidefeng Hotel or equivalent

【Huanglong Scenic Area】

It is adjacent to Jiuzhaigou and is famous for its colorful pools, snow-capped mountains, canyons and forests. It is a calcified mountain gorge about 7 kilometers long and 300 meters wide, surrounded by virgin forests. The height is between 3145-3578 meters above sea level, like a 3.6-kilometer-long nectar flowing down, or like a golden dragon entrenched in the vast jungle. More than 3,400 natural jade springs flow down the slope in the gorge, with flying pearls and jade splashing, and emerald green and flowing gold. The walls of each colorful pool are like topaz, with the largest covering more than an acre and the smallest as small as a basin, exquisite and translucent, the pool water is colorful, ever-changing and clear, refreshing, forming a dazzling dreamscape. It is the most spectacular calcified wonder in the world and has the reputation of being a fairyland on earth. It was listed in the World Natural Heritage List by the United Nations in 1991.

Day 5: Ruoergai - Hongyuan Prairie - Aba County, overnight at Andesina Hotel or Aba VIP Hotel or equivalent

[Ruoergai Huahu Scenic Area]

The flower lakes bloom in June and July, and the grasslands and red leaves can be enjoyed in September and October. Between heaven and earth, there are green grass, colorful flowers, and faint fragrance, stretching as far as the eye can see. There are countless small lakes dotted in the grasslands, and the lake water is blue. The small rivers connect the large and small lakes like vines. The river water is clear and you can see the bottom. You can count the fish swimming. In mid-September every year, the red leaves all over the mountains compete for beauty from the top of the mountain to the river valley. The Zoige grassland is known as the oasis of the northwest Sichuan plateau and is one of the three major wetlands in my country.

【Hongyuan Prairie】

With its vast territory, unique natural landscape and rich resources, it is known as the "Golden and Silver Beach" of the plateau. Hongyuan Prairie is a world of flowers and a sea of grass, with unique customs and magnificent scenery. The Red Army once passed through this grassland during the Long March, and rested and stationed here.

【The First Bend of the Yellow River】

The Yellow River has 99 bends, and the most beautiful natural landscapes are the First Bend and Hukou Waterfall. The First Bend of the Nine Bends of the Yellow River is located in the heart of the grassland. The winding river divides countless river islands and small islands, and is praised by Chinese and foreign scientists as "a solemn phantom in the universe."

Day 6: Aba County - Lianbaoyezhe Scenic Area - Maerkang, overnight at Maerkang Vienna Hotel or Haoting Celebrity Hotel or equivalent

【Lianbaoyezhe Scenic Area】

Lianbaoyezhe Mountain is 40 kilometers long and 25 kilometers wide, with numerous peaks at an altitude of 4,000 meters.The mountain is composed of mountains with a height of more than 1,000 meters, and the main peak is 5,369 meters. On the mountain, the melting ice and snow form many lakes.In addition to the well-known Fairy Lake and Monster Lake, there are also Rigamacuo, Malza Lake, Maridang Lake, etc.There are more than 300 small lakes in Tibet, which are called 360 for auspiciousness. It is said that they were passed by the Tibetans when they entered Tibet.The stones here are a collection of Princess Wencheng's tears of homesickness.

【Zhuokeji Official Village】

Zhuokeji Town is located about 7 kilometers southeast of Maerkang County, at the intersection of Suomo River and Xiso River.The high ground where the river meets is also the intersection of the Maerkang to Chengdu and Xiaojin highways.The scenery is beautiful. In the days when transportation was not well developed, this was the only way for the Jiarong Tibetan area to go east to Wenchuan and enter the inland.The road can go through Gansu and Qinghai provinces in the north through the grassland, Ya'an and Xichang in the south through Xiaojin, and Jinchuan and Danba in the west.To Ganzi and Tibet. It is known as the key to controlling the mountain transportation of the northwest Sichuan plateau.

Day 7: Maerkang - Dujiangyan - Chengdu, accommodation: Holiday Inn Express Tianfu Airport or Tianfu International Rongqingyuan or similar

[Taoping Qiang Village Scenic Area]

Taoping Qiang Village, which is called the mysterious oriental castle by experts and scholars, was built in 111 BC, with a history of more than 2,000 years. The Qiang Village is built on the hillside of a high mountain, close to a stream. From a distance, a yellow-brown stone house is built one after another along the steep mountain. Some are high and some are low, and there are many forts in between, which are extraordinary and unique in style. Walking into the village, you can see that most of the houses are connected to each other, and the outer bridge is built with pebbles and stone slabs, which are mottled. The alleys in the village are crisscrossed, like a maze. Some of the houses have low walls, which retain the habit of the ancient Qiang people living in "dome huts".

【Panda Base】

One of the world's largest panda breeding and research bases. It has the world's largest group of captive pandas, providing a spacious habitat and professional conservation conditions. Visitors can closely observe the cute pandas playing and foraging in the bamboo forest, and gain a deeper understanding of their living habits and conservation work.

Day 8: Airport transfer in Chengdu

According to the flight time, a special car will be sent to the airport to catch the flight, ending this
A pleasant and fulfilling trip to Sichuan.

[Transportation] Sichuan-Qinghai Railway: Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou

【Car】Regular licensed tourist car (including driver's board and lodging, road and bridge fees, fuel, vehicle entry fee, free time at your own expense)

【Accommodation】Stay in a four-star hotel, 2 people per room

【Meals】The hotel provides breakfast.

[Driver] Excellent driver provides full service (including driver’s food and accommodation expenses)

[Tour Guide] Excellent Chinese-speaking tour guide service (including tour guide’s food and accommodation fees)

【Insurance】Travel agency liability insurance, personal accident insurance

[Transportation] Round-trip air tickets from various places to Chengdu (booking service provided)

【Tickets】Entry fees for all attractions

【Meals】You can order and pay for lunch and dinner by yourself. You can ask the tour guide for help and recommendations

Tips: RMB 30 per person per day for the driver and tour guide, depending on the number of days of the trip, paid in one lump sum at the end of the trip

[Others] Personal expenses, all expenses not mentioned in the included expenses

The trip cost will be adjusted due to various actual factors. We have the right to adjust the price before the registration is completed.

Wuhua Lake: The Pearl of Jiuzhaigou

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