【2024】Xinjiang Tour Group—10-day in-depth tour of Kanas in Northern Xinjiang + Yili Grassland + Duku Highway

A must-see for Xinjiang tourists! The latest classic attractions in northern Xinjiang in 2024, condensed into ten days, visit famous must-see attractions such as Sayram Lake, Hemu Village, Nalati and Bayinbuluke, and set foot on the Duku Highway, a scenic avenue that runs through the backbone of the Tianshan Mountains. I believe this journey will bring you visual shock and enjoyment.

1. 10-day in-depth tour of Kanas in Northern Xinjiang + Yili Grassland + Duku Highway

  • Northern Xinjiang Tour - Limited-time Duku Highway In-depth Tour Recommendations

  • Urumqi➽Burqin➽Kanas➽Hemu➽Karamay➽Kuitun➽Sailimu Lake➽Yining➽Nalati➽Bayinbuluke➽Duku Highway➽Urumqi

  • In-depth tour of Northern Xinjiang [Kanas], [Hemu Village], [Jiadeng Valley]

  • Go to the last tear of the Atlantic Ocean [Sailimu Lake]

  • Wandering in [Yining Lavender Sea]

  • Travel to Xinjiang's most beautiful grasslands [Nalati] and [Bayinbuluke]

  • Step onto the scenic road that runs through the Tianshan Mountains [Duku Highway]

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2. 10-day tour in Kanas, Northern Xinjiang - attractions and travel agency services

Excellent native speaking tour guides will be arranged throughout the journey (Cantonese, Chinese and English tour guides can be selected)

Use qualified and safe tourist vehicles throughout the entire journey, not black-brand vehicles

*No tour guide will be arranged for people under 8 people, and will be accompanied by a professional driver locally

【Urumqi】The capital city of Xinjiang has rich historical and cultural heritage and is also the political and economic center of Xinjiang.

【Burqin】There are famous scenic spots such as Colorful Beach and Hemu Village in the surrounding area.

【Kanas】The lakes and mountains are magnificent and known as the “Switzerland of China”

【Hemu】Famous for its original ecological style and Kazakh culture, it is known as one of the most beautiful villages in China.

【Karamay】There are some interesting geological features and mineral resources surrounding this industrial city

【Kuitun】A city in northern Xinjiang with some natural and cultural attractions nearby.

【Sailim Lake】This is one of the largest inland freshwater lakes in China, with vast lakes and magnificent natural scenery.

【Nalati】It is one of the most famous grasslands in Xinjiang and a subalpine meadow plant area that is one of the four largest grasslands in the world.

【Bayinbuluke】The grassland is surrounded by mountains, with rolling hills and vast meadows alternating, and the scenery is very beautiful.

【Duku Highway】"National Geographic China" selected it as "a scenic avenue running through the backbone of the Tianshan Mountains."

3. 10-day tour in Kanas, Northern Xinjiang - itinerary introduction

Day 1: Arrive in Urumqi (pick up from the airport), Urumqi Luogang Hotel or similar.

Today is the gathering day, all partners are here【Urumqi】Great gathering!

Urumqi is the city farthest from the ocean in the world and the geographical center of Asia. It is also the only place where the famous ancient "Silk Road" New North Road must pass. It occupies approximately 1/6 of China's land area and is the largest province in China.

Day 2: Urumqi - S21 Desert Highway - Burqin, overnight at Burqin Riverside Yishu Holiday Hotel or equivalent

After breakfast, we packed our bags and headed for Burqin. On the way, we passed the S21 Desert Highway. The starting point of the S21 Desert Highway is dominated by oasis and wetland landscapes, the middle part is covered by desert and sand dunes, and the end point is dominated by oasis, wetland, sea Yadan and other landscapes. The northern Xinjiang desert scenery shot along the way is an epic blockbuster.

Day 3: Burqin - Kanas (Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, Fairy Bay) - Guanyu Pavilion - Jiadengyu, stay at Jiadengyu Birch Forest Hotel or equivalent


[Kanas Natural Landscape Reserve] is the last piece of pure land in the world. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Visit "Wolong Bay", "Moon Bay" and "Shenxian Bay" along the way.

[Wolong Bay] is named after its shape like a pot bottom. Wolong Bay is located on the way from Bulinjin County to Kanas, 140 kilometers away from the county seat and 10 kilometers away from Kanas. The lake is surrounded by dense forests, colorful flowers and green grass. The islands in the lake are beautiful. At the entrance of the lake, huge rocks are against the middle of the stream, and the waves hit the rocks, and jade beads splash. There is a wooden bridge at the outlet of the lake. Standing on the bridge, you can see the mirror-like Wolong Bay to the north and the roaring Kanas River to the south.

[Moon Bay] will change with the changes in the water of Kanas Lake. It is a pearl embedded in the Kanas River. There are a pair of bare footprints left by Chang'e when she flew to the moon in the lake. There is also a legend that this footprint was left by Genghis Khan when he was chasing his enemies. The beautiful and tranquil Moon Bay is the iconic attraction of Kanas.

[Shenxian Bay] South of Yaze Lake, Kanas Lake River widens due to the blockage of mudslides and collapse deposits in the downstream. The widest part is 700 meters, which is the widest section of Kanas River in Kanas Lake Scenic Area. The river valley here is flat, and large swamps and meadows are formed on the river bank. There are several small islands in the river, which are said to be the place where immortals live, so this place is called Shenxian Bay.

【Fish-watching Pavilion】The Fish-watching Pavilion is located in the Kanas Scenic Area in Bulinjin, Xinjiang. It is built on the top of the Sahara Laid-Open (Mongolian for "Camel Peak") mountain at an altitude of 2,030 meters. The vertical drop from the lake surface is more than 600 meters. It is named Fish-watching Pavilion because it is in the best position to observe the "lake monster". The Fish-watching Pavilion is the best of Kanas attractions and the only best platform to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kanas.

Day 4: Jiadengyu - Hemu - Wucaitan - Burqin, overnight at Burqin Riverside Yishu Holiday Hotel or equivalent

[Hemu] is mainly inhabited by Tuvans. It is a quiet and beautiful mountain village. As it is far away from the hustle and bustle, it has always maintained its simple and honest folk customs. It is known as "God's Back Garden" and "Photographer's Paradise". If you are interested, you can walk into the Tuvans' homes and experience their daily life.

【Wucaitan】Wucaitan is located in the northern end of Xinjiang, in the Altay region, in Burqin County. It is located on the first and second terraces on the north bank of the Irtysh River, the only river in my country that flows into the Arctic Ocean. It is 480 meters above sea level and is the only way to the Kanas Lake Scenic Area. It has the beauty of fire (sunrise and sunset), earth (Yardang landform), gold (giant windmill), water (blue river), and wood (river valley autumn forest). Wucaitan is a typical Yardang landform. The difference is its gorgeous colors and strange shapes. On the wide river beach, the towering "peaks", deep "canyons", intricate "streets", and crisscrossing "gullies" appear colorful and magical under the sunset. Everything is bathed in soft light, like the heaven of gods, blurred and illusory.

Day 5: Burqin - Urho World Ghost City - Kuitun, overnight at Kuitun Jinhui International Hotel or equivalent

【Wurhe World Ghost City】: Also known as the Urhe Wind City, it is located in the Urhe mining area in the lower reaches of the Jiamu River on the northwest edge of the Junggar Basin in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, 100 kilometers away from Karamay City. There are unique wind erosion landforms with strange shapes. The local Mongolians call it "Sulumuhak".

This area is a typical Yadan landform area. "Yadan" means "steep-walled hill" in Uyghur. The Yadan landform is the most typical Yadan area near Lop Nur in the Tarim Basin of Xinjiang. It is named after it. The Yadan landform is a type of wind-eroded landform formed in a drought and strong wind environment, so the landform here is very special.

Day 6: Kuitun - Sailimu Lake - Guozigou Bridge - Lavender Manor (June-July) - Yining, overnight stay: Yining Jiangsu Hotel or equivalent

Sailimu Lake

After breakfast, depart from Kuitun and go to "The Last Tear of the Atlantic Ocean" [Sailim Lake Scenic Area]. Sailim Lake means "wishes" in Kazakh. The lake surface is azure, surrounded by green grass on the lakeside, forests of Tapine trees, snow-capped mountains and white clouds. There are blooming flowers on the grass, pearl-like yurts, snow-white sheep, galloping horses, as well as pastoral songs and cooking smoke rippling in the wind. You can have fun here and take pictures of the blue sky and the reflection of the snow-capped mountains in the lake.

On the way, we passed the Guozigou Bridge, which stood quietly here, like a jade belt left by a fairy in the mountain stream. The mountains were covered with dense layers of tall pine trees, which used their green umbrellas to push away the white clouds and cover the green mountains; in the valley, countless streams flowed slowly; the handsome and agile Ili horses and the white Xinjiang fine-wool sheep ate grass peacefully at the bottom of the valley, drank water from the stream, and basked in the sun on the hillside.

After lunch, we went to the Lavender Manor together. The park covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters. The purple sea of flowers composed of lavender and verbena is the main scenic spot of the park. The theme of the park is "Purple Viewing and Romantic Love". It combines romantic sentiment with natural fragrance and plants a variety of vanilla plants such as lavender, verbena, rose, marigold, etc. Here, you can smell the fragrance and touch the purple, which will make your eyes smile, your ears sing, and your tongue dance. Iparhan Lavender Sightseeing Garden will open your sensory enjoyment from all angles. More than 600 acres of lavender fields reproduce a large area of purple flowers. There are viewing towers, love stations, stone pavilion trails, etc. in the flower fields, so that you who love beauty can take beautiful blockbusters.

Day 7: Yining - Nalati Scenic Area (Sky Grassland/Valley Grassland), Accommodation: Baicaoju B&B or equivalent


[Nalati Grassland] is one of the most famous grasslands in Xinjiang and one of the four major grasslands in the world. It is a subalpine meadow plant area. It is located on the northern slope of Nalati Mountain. It is a mid-mountain grassland developed on the ancient alluvial layer of the Tertiary period. Since ancient times, it has been a famous pastoral valley, peaks, deep gorges and forests. The best travel season is from June to September. At this time, the grassland is green, wild flowers are blooming, and the climate is suitable. After June every year, a large group of livestock moves in, entering the golden season of the grassland. Various gatherings of grassland people are mostly held here. Local people can also experience Kazakh folk customs. Nalati Grassland is connected to Nalati Ridge in the southeast, like a barrier, and the valley along the upper reaches of Gongnaisi River in the northwest is broken. The terrain is tilted over a large area, with dense mountain springs and streams. The gullies at the foot of the mountain are deep, the rivers are crisscrossed, the forests are dense, the wilderness is gently undulating, pine cones are pillars along the gullies, there are also felt houses, and the herds of livestock are moving. It is an important pasture of Gongnaisi Grassland.

Day 8: Nalati - Bayinbuluke (Swan Lake, Nine Bends and Eighteen Turns), overnight at Tianheyuan Hotel or equivalent

【Bayinbuluke Grassland】Formerly known as Yuledusi Grassland, Zhuledusi Grassland, and Youludusi Grassland, it is also called Bayinbuluke Grassland because it is mainly located in Bayinbuluke District, northwest of Hejing County, Bayinguoleng Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in the Yuledusi River Basin. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the grassland is lush with water and grass, and is full of rivers and lakes. The grassland is surrounded by mountains, with rolling hills and vast meadows alternating, and the scenery is very beautiful. Bayinbuluke Grassland has the famous Swan Lake and Nine Bends and Eighteen Turns, with beautiful scenery. It is also a favorite photography destination for photographers. The best place to take pictures is the Basilik Observation Deck.

Day 9: Narat - Duku Highway - Urumqi, overnight at Urumqi Luolan Hotel or similar

Duku Highway
Duku Highway

【Duku Highway】 It refers to the Dushanzi to Kuche section of National Highway 217. The Duku Highway starts from Dushanzi District, Karamay City in the north, runs through the north and south of Tianshan Mountain, and connects to Kuche City, Aksu Prefecture in the south. It is 561 kilometers long. Because more than half of its section is across mountains and valleys, and connects many ethnic minority settlements, it was selected by China National Geography as "the scenic avenue running through the backbone of Tianshan Mountain".

Day 10: Transfer to Urumqi

According to the flight time, a special car will be sent to the airport to catch the flight, ending this
Have a pleasant and rich trip to Xinjiang.

[Documents] Processing of all Xinjiang travel documents.
[Car] Comfortable tour vehicle for the entire journey (fuel fee, tolls, driver service fee, driver’s food and accommodation fee).
[Accommodation] Accommodation fees listed in the itinerary [Meals] The hotel provides breakfast.
[Driver] Excellent driver provides full service (including driver’s food and accommodation expenses).
[Tour Guide] Excellent tour guide provides full service (including the tour guide’s food and accommodation expenses, and the driver for a group of less than six people also serves as the tour guide).
[Insurance] Travel agency liability insurance, vehicle seat insurance, personal accident insurance.
[Others] Mineral water is provided throughout the entire journey.

[Transportation] Round trip transportation from the departure point to Urumqi (booking service provided)
[Meal fee] Order and pay by yourself (about 30-60RMB per meal)
[Others] Personal expenses, all expenses not mentioned in the included expenses

[Tickets] Tickets for attractions listed in the itinerary.

-Xinjiang is a special autonomous region, and the government has the right to open or close tourist attractions at any time.
-If an attraction is closed, we will discuss with the group members as soon as possible after receiving the notice and provide other alternatives.
-In the event of temporary hotel requisition, we will provide the most appropriate alternative with hotels of the same grade and arrangements.
- In the event of force majeure factors (climate, road conditions, political factors), the itinerary may be changed. We reserve the right to change the itinerary, and the participants will bear any resulting overexpenses.
- Without reducing the number of attractions in the itinerary, the company has the right to change the order of the tour according to the actual situation.
-This itinerary is a shared group itinerary. It is subject to full booking and is based on the payment confirmation time. If the number of people does not reach 6 people 10 days before departure, the group will be cancelled. You can choose another confirmed group time or a full refund. Payment has been made.
- Group-joining itineraries may not necessarily all cost the same due to factors such as different sales channels, various promotional plans, cross-industry cooperation, etc. It depends on the itinerary fees and activities announced at the time of registration.
- Xinjiang belongs to the northwest region, and its economy is different from that of the mainland. Therefore, food, accommodation and transportation are different from those in the mainland. Please understand;
- There is a two-hour difference between Xinjiang and the mainland, but all Xinjiang uses Beijing time for work and rest; Xinjiang’s rest time is around 24:00 in the evening, and the morning work time is around 10:00;

-The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the temperature difference can be about 20 degrees. When sleeping at night, the air conditioner should be turned on to a moderate level. Do not get too cold, or sleep without a quilt, which may cause physical discomfort. In addition, please note that if you stay overnight in Tianchi, Nalati Ranch, or visit Kanas Lake, you must bring coats, sweaters and other clothing;
-Due to the vast territory of Xinjiang, the journey by car takes a long time. In many cases, tourists are required to get off the car and walk or experience the fun of horseback riding or camel riding. Therefore, a suitable pair of shoes is particularly important;

-Although the temperature in Xinjiang is slightly lower than that in the mainland, many areas in Xinjiang are exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation due to their high altitude. Therefore, tourists should prepare sufficient and effective sunscreen, as well as heat-clearing, thirst-quenching, and moisturizing medicines or granules, such as Xia Sangju granules, etc., to avoid being unable to withstand the overly dry and hot climate for a while. If you have motion sickness, please bring your own motion sickness medicine;
- When traveling in Xinjiang, due to the long journey and large climate differences, it is difficult for tourists to adapt and they may suffer from acclimatization symptoms. Tourists should bring relevant medicines and some standing medicines, such as band-aids, cold medicines or medicines for gastrointestinal discomfort, etc. ;
- Xinjiang is the land of fruits. It is a great pleasure to eat fruits in Xinjiang, but do not drink hot tea after eating the fruits. Do not drink cold water after eating mutton to avoid causing diarrhea;

- Xinjiang is an area inhabited by various ethnic minorities and has a strong religious flavor. The Mushilin ethnic group does not eat pork, etc. This is a taboo in their lives and must not be offended;
- In most areas of Xinjiang, the quotation when purchasing weighed goods is in kilograms (except Hotan in southern Xinjiang), so when purchasing weighed goods, please confirm whether the quotation is in kilograms or city pounds. When buying tourist souvenirs in the Bazaar (bazaar) , please bargain after confirming your purchase. Non-serious bargaining can lead to dissatisfaction from the seller. If the deal doesn't work out, please be civil and courteous. Before purchasing, ask your tour guide to recommend some purchasing places. Purchase valuable items such as jade at designated shopping malls.

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