Qinghai-Tibet Train Introduction-Qinghai-Tibet Train【2024】

Are you planning to take the Qinghai-Tibet Train from Singapore or Malaysia to Tibet? Through this introduction, you can learn about the various seat types, facilities, and ticket booking methods of the Qinghai-Tibet train in advance, making your Tibet travel smoother.

You don’t have to follow the saying “youth has no price, hard seats go directly to Lhasa” to choose hard seats, because there are more choices waiting for you.

Qinghai-Tibet Train

Qinghai-Tibet Train Seat Selection (Qinghai-Tibet Train)

Qinghai-Tibet TrainThree different types are providedTicket options include hard seats, hard sleepers and soft sleepers. If your budget is limited,Hard seat tickets may be the most affordable option.
However, for long journeys, especially train journeys of thousands of kilometers, hard seats can be uncomfortable.

The comfort and price of the hard sleeper are in the middle between the two., each hard-sleeper carriage has six sleepers, is divided into three floors, and is connected to the train corridor. The bed is relatively soft, but it should be noted thatThe doors of hard-sleeper carriages cannot be locked, so privacy is relatively poor..

Of course, soft sleepers are considered the best choice, it is a quadruple room with two levels of sleepers. The beds are soft and comfortable, and there are independent lockable doors in the carriage, providing better privacy protection.

So.. Although the soft sleeper ticket price is relatively high, it is considered to be the most comfortable option when taking the Qinghai-Tibet train, so choose the ticket type that suits you based on your needs and budget.

  • Soft sleeper

    The soft sleeper is comfortable and spacious, and each box hasfour sleepers(upper and lower berths), provide a peaceful and comfortable environment and are one of the most comfortable options for train travel. Soft sleepers provide ample space and a warm atmosphere, and the sleepers are more spacious than ordinary hard sleepers. However, they are more expensive than hard sleepers and come with box doors for added privacy.

  • Hard sleeper

    Hard sleeper in each boxAccommodates six passengers, divided into upper, middle and lower berths. The upper bunk has limited headroom but is quieter and safer. The middle bunk allows you to sit upright comfortably, while the lower bunk is the easiest to get in and out of. The conditions of hard sleepers are better than hard seats, and there are fewer passengers in each carriage.

  • hard seat

    usIt is not recommended to choose a hard seatTake the Qinghai-Tibet train trip as it offers less comfort and safety, especially for longer trips. Although the price is the most economical, the environment can be challenging for such a long trip.


Luggage storage on the Qinghai-Tibet train

  • Soft sleeper

    Since there are only four passengers in the soft sleeper compartment,There is enough space to store luggage, for example: under your bed (but please note that if the suitcase is too large to be placed under the bed), or above the box door (suitable for small backpacks and other carry-on items, large suitcases cannot be placed). If your luggage is too big, you can leave it in the corridor, but it is recommended to carry your valuables with you anyway, so it is recommended to prepare a small bag in advance.

  • Hard sleeper

    Luggage items for hard sleepers can be placed under the bed or on the luggage rack above. The luggage rack is almost the same height as the upper bunk.Very spacious and can basically accommodate large luggage. However, it is recommended to carry valuables with you.

  • hard seat

    When riding on a hard seat, luggage is usually placed under the seat. Due to the limited space in a hard seat,It is recommended to minimize luggage items, take your valuables with you.

Outside the Qinghai-Tibet train

Food and dining cars on the Qinghai-Tibet train

It’s possible on the Qinghai-Tibet trainBring food in advance, or you can chooseEating at the dining car, in addition to eating at your own seat, you can also considerdining carHere's the meal!

It is also a pleasure to eat hot food in the dining car while watching the scenery.

Qinghai-Tibet train flight options

Should I choose the return or outbound train?

The editor here would like to strongly recommend,"On the way back, I'll take the Qinghai-Tibet train later."

"Why? Aren't many people saying that you can take the train to reduce the altitude sickness?"

Because...actuallytakeThere is no way to alleviate altitude sickness by taking the Qinghai-Tibet trainOf!
On the contrary, you will not be able to rest well because you are not used to it on the train, which will extend or intensify the duration of high altitude sickness!
So the mostIt is recommended that you take the Qinghai-Tibet train when returning home (return), will make the entire journey in Tibet smoother, and you can also enjoy the scenery on the train.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway Departure Stations That Can Be Considered

Including: Beijing, Chongqing, Xi'an, Xining, Shanghai, Guangzhou, andThe most recommended choice for everyone is Chengdu.

Air tickets from Chengdu to various places are usually very cost-effective, and you have plenty of time to visit major attractions in Chengdu, including Dujiangyan, Kuanzhai Alley, Jiuzhaigou... etc. Whether it is urban or suburban scenic spots, they are very suitable for planning your trip together. of.
(You can also make an appointment with our consultants for free planning)

Qinghai-Tibet train return

Other facilities in the train

Oxygen supply facilities

Each carriage is equipped with a decentralized oxygen supply device. In addition, there are oxygen inhalation ports at the bedside of hard sleepers and soft sleepers. If you feel unwell on the train, you can always ask the flight attendant for an oxygen tube and insert the oxygen hole to supply oxygen.

Qinghai-Tibet Train Oxygen Supply Port 02

Washing up in the car

The time on the train usually exceeds 24 hours. In addition to preparing meals in advance,Another thing you should pay attention to is "washing up", inside the car is "no bathroom"Yes, it is recommended that you bring a simple (disposable) toothbrush and toothpaste with you in your carry-on luggage, as well as a towel that can be dipped in water for simple washing.So it is very suitable if you choose to take the train on your return trip.Because no matter who you are, it is rare to visit Tibet.You wouldn’t want to start your trip immediately after experiencing altitude sickness under such conditions.

Inside the Qinghai-Tibet Train

Qinghai-Tibet train toilet

The basic toilet facilities in the train are also complete, so you can take care to avoid the crowds during peak hours.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway-Toilet


Washing up in the train

The time on the train usually exceeds 24 hours. In addition to preparing food and drinks in advance, there is another thing to pay attention to when "washing up".There is "no bathroom" in the car, it is recommended to bring a simple (disposable) toothbrush and toothpaste in your carry-on luggage and a towel that can be dipped in water for simple washing, so chooseReturn and take the trainHow important it is, no matter who comes to Tibet once in a while, they would not want to start their trip immediately after suffering from altitude sickness under such conditions.

Inside the Qinghai-Tibet Train

How to buy tickets for Qinghai-Tibet train

  1. Purchase by yourself: You can choose to purchase train tickets by yourself. For example, you can purchase tickets through the following methods:

    • Register on the 12306 official website in mainland China and buy Qinghai-Tibet train tickets directly. After successfully purchasing the ticket, you will receive the ticket collection number. With the ticket collection number and the ID used to purchase the ticket, go to any train station window to collect the ticket.
    • Purchase tickets through third-party ticket purchasing platforms or applications, but we do not recommend using unofficially authorized methods to purchase tickets because there are certain risks.

  2. Purchasing through a professional travel agent: It is most appropriate to choose a professional travel consultant to give you suitable advice on boarding methods and help with purchasing. Because it is difficult to get a ticket now, finding a travel agent can help you solve many problems.

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