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Travel flights from Singapore to Tibet and Tibet Travel Permit

Travel to Tibet from Singapore has become increasingly popular in recent years, but there are some restrictions and regulations that foreign visitors need to be aware of. How to quickly and effectively apply for a Tibet Travel Permit and how to find an excellent travel agency that provides free application are both important issues. In this blog, a major travel player with 10 years of experience in Tibet travel for foreign guests will learn at once how Singaporeans travel in Tibet, including recommendations on transportation and processing entry permits. let's start!

Entry Tourist Visa and Tibet Entry Permit (Tibet Travel Permit)

  • Tourist visa Singaporeans do not need to apply for a visa within 30 days of entering China. If you know that your stay in China will not exceed 15 days, this is negligible and is very friendly and convenient.
  • Tibet Travel Permit

Applying for a Tibet entry permit needs to be done in advance and cannot be done by yourself. It must be assisted by a qualified local travel agency. It is wrong if any travel agency charges for a Tibet entry permit. It is completely free. But please note that applying for a Tibet entry permit is slightly more difficult than a regular visa. You must find a travel agency with many years of experience and an office in Tibet! (Big Player Travel Agency has an office in Lhasa and can handle it at any time)

  • Special Border Visa (Military Defense Certificate)

Due to the special terrain of Tibet, foreigners (foreign guests) need to apply for relevant documents when traveling to certain places in Tibet. However, there is no need to worry. Seek help from professional consultants.(Big player travel agency has applied for related businesses for many years and keeps abreast of the latest news)It can be done easily.

Take the Qinghai-Tibet Train from Singapore to Tibet

Singapore transportation guide to Tibet:

Ways to transfer from Chinese cities:

  • Since there are no direct flights from Singapore to Tibet, you must fly to Tibet firstChina's big cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Changsha, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou) and then choose to enter Tibet by plane or train

Transportation methods from China to Tibet

  • airplane:Fly to Tibet from major cities in China (need to be adjusted according to the application of the entry permit)
  • Qinghai-Tibet Train: You can choose to take the Qinghai-Tibet train in different locations, such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Xining, Chongqing, Chengdu, etc..
  • Overland options: If you enter via the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, you will need a travel agency to handle related matters..

How to enter Tibet from Nepal:

  • airplane: You can choose direct flights from Kathmandu to Lhasa or travel by land.
  • Overland options: Overland travel into Tibet requires passing through the China-Nepal border, passing through Gyirong County, Tingli, Everest Base Camp (EBC), Shigatse, and finally arriving in Lhasa. in this case,You need to apply for a Tibet travel permit and group tourist visa.

Singapore to TibetRecommended travel options in Tibet:

You can first plan the time, season, number of days and itinerary you want to go to. For example, do you want to visit which transit city in China first? Next, choose the transit place and the desired way to enter Tibet. Here are some of the most common questions:

    • Can you avoid high altitude sickness by taking the Qinghai-Tibet train?

      In fact, taking the Qinghai-Tibet train will not prevent altitude sickness.(Please ask your consultant for details), you may even feel more uncomfortable because you are not used to sleeping on the train, but due to the current publicity in social media, the "outbound" shooting does have a more atmospheric feel, and the mood is different. , so you can choose according to your personal preference whether to take the train for the outbound or return trip.

    • Is it necessary to take the Qinghai-Tibet train?

      If you come to Tibet, you must choose to take the Qinghai-Tibet train if you have time. If the economy allows, it is recommended to choose a soft sleeper for a more comfortable and better experience!

    • Where do you recommend to visit Tibet?

      If based on convenience and cost-effectiveness, I would first recommend flying to Chengdu. First, there are more flights from Singapore to Chengdu and the price is more cost-effective. Second, Chengdu is a tourist city with perfect details. In addition to rich and unique food, the time is also If possible, you can also choose to go to Dujiangyan to see the giant pandas and the scenery, or even stroll through the cozy ancient alleys, drink tea, watch a drama, or have a wonderful face-changing show!

Singapore toThings to note in advance when traveling to Tibet

  • passport

    No matter where you go abroad, you must first check whether your passport is about to expire, because it also takes time to apply for a Tibet entry permit, so you must prepare a valid passport in advance.

  • Tibet Visa

    Be sure to choose a qualified and experienced travel agency to help you (please click me for agency consultant). Big Player Travel has many years of experience and is one of the travel agencies with the highest success rate between visits.

  • Travel itineraries and reservations

    Tibet travel itinerary is also very important. After flying so far to reach Tibet, you must choose a suitable itinerary, and important areas such as the Potala Palace need to make reservations in advance.(One-on-one specialist will help you make reservations and itinerary planning)

I hope all tourists from Singapore can have fun when visiting Tibet.

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