Nyingchi Tourism-Lulang Town

Tibet Travel | Fairytale Town in Wonderland - Lulang Forest

Nyingchi Tourism-Lulang

On the beautiful plateau of Linzhi, Tibet, there is a place called "Dragon King Valley". It has beautiful scenery and is also known as "the place where immortals live". It is known as "Oriental Switzerland" and "Jiangnan of Tibet". It is Lulang in Linzhi. It is a place you must visit when traveling to Tibet.

Altitude and geographical location of Linzhi Lulang

Lulang is located in Bayi District, Nyingchi City, Tibet. It is the most beautiful town on the 318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway. It is about 3,700 meters above sea level. This altitude makes the Lulang area have typical plateau climate characteristics, with cool and pleasant summers and cold winters, with a large temperature difference between day and night.

Lulang Tourist Attractions

1. Lulang International Town

Lulang Town, known as the "Oriental Switzerland", is a beautiful town like a fairy tale world. The unique Tibetan-style cottages allow you to experience the rich and simple atmosphere of farm life. Here you can see snow-capped mountains, forests, grasslands, streams, lakes, wild flowers, barley fields, and pastures, as if you were walking into an oil painting!

Nyingchi Tourism-Lulang Town

2. Lulang Forest

Lulang Forest Sea is one of the most beautiful places in Nyingchi. There are dense forests and clear lakes here. The pine trees of Lulang cover the entire mountain. There are dense forests, magnificent snow-capped mountains and vast meadows here. No matter what season you come, you can see different beautiful scenery.

Lulang Linhai

3. Plateau-mountain Meadow

Snow-capped mountains, forests, pastures, grasslands, yaks and horses everywhere, the scenery is very charming. You can experience horse riding and archery in the scenic area, which is very interesting.

Nyingchi Lulang

4. Overlooking Mount Namcha Barwa

Known as "the most beautiful mountain in China", Mount Nanga Parbat is located near Lulang. On a clear day, this majestic mountain can be clearly seen from Lulang, which is very spectacular. If you have the opportunity to see the golden mountain in the sun, it is said that you will be lucky for the whole year!

Namjagbarwa Peak

Lulang Food Recommendations

In Lulang, you can taste authentic Tibetan food, such as butter tea, tsampa, yak meat, etc. You must try "Lulang Stone Pot Chicken" when you come here, which can also be paired with wild mushrooms. The soup is very delicious, fresh and delicious, and it will definitely make you unforgettable.

Lulang Stone Pot Chicken

Best tourist season in Nyingchi and Lulang

*Spring and Summer:
Thousands of wild flowers are in full bloom, clouds gather and disperse in the mountains, and the snow-capped mountains and forests are like a tranquil and beautiful pastoral painting. You may even get a chance to see a rainbow!

Viewing time: mid-October to mid-November
In the autumn in Nyingchi, the mountains are filled with golden, orange-red, rose-purple, dark green, and brown-red colors, all competing for beauty!
Snow-capped mountains and colorful forests alternate, the rushing river flows in front of you, and you can stroll in the colorful forests and enjoy the romantic autumn colors!

The whole forest was covered with snow, and the trees were covered with snow. The roofs and treetops were all wrapped in thick snow, and the town was filled with a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Lulang Tourism Tips

*The ultraviolet rays are very strong, so avoid getting sunburned. Sunscreen and sunscreen spray are essential.
*Sun hat and sunglasses are essential.
*Even in summer, the temperature difference between morning and evening in Lulang is large, so you need to add clothes to avoid catching a cold

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