Pei Acuo, a mysterious lake that is half salt water and half fresh water

PeikucuoTibetanཔད་ཁུད་མཚོ)In Tibetan, it means "auspicious", so it is also called "auspicious lake". As the largest lake in Shigatse, Peikucuo has a unique charm - "half fresh water and half salt water". This peculiar natural phenomenon makes Peikucuo one of the extremely rare lakes.

Geographical location and altitude of Peikucuo

Peikucuo is located in the Mount Everest Nature Reserve and is the largest inland lake in the area.

It is formed by the meltwater from the Shishapangma Snow Mountain, with an altitude of 4,590 meters and an area of about 300 square kilometers.

Surrounded by mountains on three sides and with crystal blue water, it is the largest lake in Shigatse.

Due to its special geographical location and water source, part of the water in Peikucuo Lake is fresh water and the other part is salt water.

The strange sight of Peikucuo

There are many lakes on the Tibetan Plateau, most of which are saltwater lakes, but Peikucuo is different.

The south side is close to the snow-capped mountains. Due to the replenishment of meltwater from the snow-capped mountains, a freshwater lake is formed. The lake is full of alpine cold-water fish.

The north side is far away from the snow-capped mountains. Due to the evaporation of the lake water, salt accumulation has formed a saltwater lake with almost no living things.

On the shore of Peikucuo Lake, you can often see wild horses, Tibetan wild donkeys, Tibetan antelopes, cranes, yellow ducks and gray ducks and other wild animals. The ecology is very rich.


The best viewing point of Peikucuo📷

🔹Along the way after the border checkpoint
After passing the border checkpoint, you will enter a beautiful journey. Along the way, you can see a series of snow-capped mountains. The car is driving on a small road among the grasslands, and the scenery is super beautiful.

🔹Pekucuoxi Peak Observation Deck
This is the best place to view Shishapangma Peak, where you can see the magnificent scenery of Shishapangma Peak and Gangpengqing Peak at the same time.

🔹Lapp Village
Continue walking past the Xifeng Observation Deck and you will arrive at Lapu Village. Just navigate directly. The golden grassland under the sun, the azure blue lake and the Gangpengqing Peak opposite are like being in a beautiful oil painting.

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