Singapore, Malaysia Tibet Travel Permit

Singapore/Malaysia: How to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit (PSB)?

Malaysian, Singaporean and foreign tourists traveling to Mount Everest and Ngari in Tibet need to provide a Tibet Entry Permit (Certificate).

You also need to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit (PSB permit) and a military allowance permit.

Tourists who arrange Tibet tours through us,we willFree of chargeAll required Tibet travel documents.

Singapore, Malaysia and the Policy of Foreign Tourists Entering Tibet

In view of Tibet's special ethnic traditions, cultural relics and the need to protect the ecological environment, as well as Tibet's transportation conditions, tourism service facilities and reception capacity, the government stipulates that non-Chinese citizenship holders, namely foreign tourists from Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and overseas Chinese (except Hong Kong and Macao residents holding Chinese Special Administrative Region passports or Home Return Permits), must obtain a "Foreigners Traveling to Tibet" issued by the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau (TTB) before entering Tibet for tourism.


In addition, foreign journalists and diplomats are not allowed to enter Tibet as tourists.

The latest regulations of the Tourism Bureau:Foreign tourists are not allowed to travel freely in Tibet.

The application for entry into Tibet must describe in detail the personal status, itinerary, tourist attractions, etc., and the reception unit must accompany the applicant throughout the period in Tibet.

Travel permit for Singapore, Malaysia and foreign tourists to Everest/Ngari area

Tibet Travel Permit refers to a travel document that foreigners must apply for from local public security authorities when traveling to areas that are not open to foreigners. It is processed by the municipal or county public security bureau in the tourist's temporary residence or place of work.

Applicants are required to provide a passport or residence permit, relevant proof of travel reasons, and fill out a travel application form.

The validity period of the Tibet Travel Permit is up to one year. If you need to extend the validity period, add places that are not open to foreigners, or increase the number of people traveling with you, you must apply to the Public Security Bureau for an extension or change.


Documents required for Tibet Travel Permit

– Original copy of the Tibet entry letter
– Original passport (or other valid ID)
– Tour guide certificate
- itinerary

The tour guide will help you with the process in Shigatse or Gyantse, which usually only takes 1-2 hours.

Areas that require a Tibet Travel Permit

  • Nyingchi Prefecture: Zayu County and Medog County
  • Shannan Prefecture: Lhuntse County, Cona County, Langkaze County, Lhoza County
  • Shigatse City: Kangma County, Yadong County, Gamba County, Dinggye County, Tingri County, Nyalam County, Gyirong County, Saga County, Zhongba County
  • Ngari Prefecture: Purang County, Zhada County, Gar County and Ritu County

How to apply for Tibet Travel Permit

  • Tibet travel agencies with the qualifications to receive foreign guests
  • Directly through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country

special attention items

Tourists from Singapore, Malaysia and other countries who wish to travel to Tibet must first apply for a Tibet Entry Permit (Certificate) and then apply for a travel permit.

Foreigners cannot enter Tibet with travel documents alone, and the relevant departments will not issue border passes without a Tibet entry letter (permit).

To go to Ali region, in addition to a travel permit, you also need to apply for a military pass.

All Tibet travel documents, including the Tibet Entry Letter (Certificate), can be entrusted to Tibet Travel Agency for processing.

If you arrange a Tibet travel itinerary through our agency, we will handle all the necessary Tibet travel documents according to the specific itinerary.

Everyone is welcome to go through the formal procedures to ensure that you can enjoy the beauty and culture of Tibet smoothly and safely.

  • alue-Packed 8-Day Tibet Tou

  • Classic Tibet 9 Days

  • Linzhi, Mount Everest, and Namtso Lake 10 Days

  • Tibet Ali Holy Mountain and Sacred Lake 14 Days

  • Tibet Ali Pilgrimage 16 Days


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