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The G318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway Tour is a route that many tourists who are interested in traveling to Tibet want to take. Due to different identities, some people can drive by themselves and some can book a group or car tour by themselves, but why do many people prefer the G318 Sichuan-Tibet Highway? What about the highway line? Follow this article to see the charm of the Sichuan-Tibet Line (Sichuan-Tibet Highway)!

Sichuan-Tibet National Highway 318 Ranwu Lake
Sichuan-Tibet National Highway 318 Ranwu Lake

Features of Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 1-Altitude

The Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 has a gentle altitude, which will relatively slow down the reaction to altitude sickness. This is the biggest concern for many people before traveling to Tibet. Young people with altitude sickness are more susceptible to the effects of high-altitude environments than middle-aged and elderly people, because young people have greater demand for oxygen.

The average altitude of the G318 Sichuan-Tibet Line is about 3,500 meters, and the altitude gradually rises., relatively mild. More importantly, there are many places along the route with lower altitudes, which provide travelers with opportunities to stay and help them adapt to altitude sickness and the plateau environment.

Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 Features 2-Stable

The condition of the Sichuan-Tibet line (G318) is more stable than other national highways. Especially during the rainy season, the appearance of the road condition is crucial to choosing a travel route. As an important passage connecting the mainland and Tibet, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway (G318) is always guarded by armed police. Therefore, the speed of road maintenance is amazing, and it can often be quickly cleared and ensured to be smooth within a few days.
Compared with the muddy road conditions of the Yunnan-Tibet Line, the severe cold of the 109 Qinghai-Tibet Line, and the shorter self-driving time of the 219 Xinjiang-Tibet Line,The stable road conditions of the 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line are one of the reasons why it has become the first choice of many tourists..

Features of Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 3-Beautiful scenery

Although every route has scenery, the beautiful scenery along the Sichuan-Tibet Route 318 is matched by the changes in the seasons. Only by walking through the Sichuan-Tibet Route 318 in person can you truly appreciate the beauty of this route. The grasslands, mountains, lakes and snow-capped mountains along the way will continue to appear in front of your eyes in an extremely intoxicating way.

Dwelling among godsLulang Town, photographer’s paradiseXinduqiao, and what is known as "the last pure land of the blue planet"Daocheng Yading, these scenic spots will make you unforgettable. People describe this route as "you need to pass many tests to bathe your body, mind and performance in paradise." Every day you walk on the 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line, you will see different beautiful landscapes before your eyes.

Daocheng Yading-Pearl Sea
Daocheng Yading-Pearl Sea

Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 Features 4-Food

Tourists who have been to the 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line often appreciate the food experience along the way. This is the Sichuan-Tibet Line that connects Sichuan and Tibet. It brings together gourmets from both places, so the restaurant has strict requirements for its own dishes. are extremely high, and the tourists who play 318 are all experienced "players". To pass the test of the taste buds of these big players, the chef must work hard, such as Xinduqiao's special salt well noodles, or the rich Tibetan flavor The catering culture is also very unique, such as Tibetan butter tea and sweet tea, stone pot crispy meat, highland barley wine andLulang’s unique stone pot chickenWaiting for traditional food.

Simply put, each region along the way also has its own special snacks and delicacies, which will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

Tibetan Food-Tibetan Noodles
Tibetan Food-Tibetan Noodles

Sichuan-Tibet Line G318 Features 5-Culture

318 Sichuan-Tibet Line passes through many different regions, each region has a unique culture and history.

During the trip, you can experience Sichuan-Tibetan culture, communicate with local Tibetan people, and learn about their traditional lifestyle, religious beliefs, and festivals. At this time, a tour guide who understands Tibet is very important!(Hurry and make an appointment with Big Player Travel to enrich your Sichuan-Tibet trip)

Sichuan-Tibet line scenery Lulang town
Sichuan-Tibet line scenery Lulang town

Features 6 of Sichuan-Tibet Line G318-Classic Travel Route Recommendations

Sichuan-Tibet Line Map
G318 Sichuan-Tibet Line Map

Recommended gameplay on the 15th of Sichuan-Tibet Line Route 318

Day 1: Gathering in Chengdu
The next day: Chengdu→Mugecuo→Kangding
Day 3: Kangding → Zheduoshan → Xinduqiao → Yajiang
Day 4: Yajiang → Litang → Daocheng → Shangri-La Town
Day 5: Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve
Day 6: Daocheng Yading→Litang→Batang
Day 7: Batang → Jinsha River Bridge → Mangkang → Dongda Mountain → Zuogong
Day 8: Zuogong→Bangda→Nujiang 72→Basu→Ranwu
Day 9: Ranwu → Midui → Glacier → Bomi
Day 10: Bomi → Lulang Forest → Sejila Mountain Namjagbarwa Peak → Nyingchi Bayi Town
Day 11: Nyingchi→Basongcuo→Lhasa
Day 12: Lhasa: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street
Day 13: Lhasa → Yamdrok Yumcuo → Karola Glacier → Gyantse → Shigatse
Day 14: Shigatse → Tashilhunpo Monastery → Lhasa
Day 15: Transfer to Lhasa

Singapore and other foreign tourists have questions about Sichuan-Tibet line tourism

Can foreign guests drive on the Sichuan-Tibet Line by themselves?

Foreign guests from Singapore, Malaysia, the United States and Canada plus tourists from Taiwan areCannot drive by yourselfof!

What can foreign guests do on the Sichuan-Tibet line if they cannot drive by themselves?

Big player tourism has been deeply involved in Tibet tourism for 10 years, launching itineraries recommended by locals based on the needs of foreign guests -
"Semi-Free Travel - Sichuan-Tibet Travel" allows you to not only enjoy the freedom of free travel, but also have a dedicated Tibet travel expert and qualified tour guide to provide services and explanations to you, and there is also a dedicated on-board doctor to monitor your health at any time. Physical conditions.

Should I choose general Tibet tour or Sichuan-Tibet tour?

This all depends on personal needs and budget. Since it takes a long time to play in Sichuan and Tibet, you can start planning from the number of days you can travel!

Suitable season for playing the Sichuan-Tibet Line G318

It is most recommended that everyone visit the Sichuan-Tibet Line g318 from April to November., the road conditions are also safer.

Altitude reaction on the Sichuan-Tibet line

As mentioned in the previous article,The Sichuan-Tibet Line is slowly risingYes, you have altitude sickness, but you still have to follow the advice of the consultant before traveling. The big players have on-board doctors throughout the trip to avoid the trouble of not being able to find a hospital or clinic on the road.

Can foreigners apply for Sichuan-Tibet bicycle road tour?

Canyes, needExperienced and local travel agency agency and application, such as Big Player Travel.

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