How to arrange the Tibet travel itinerary in 2024?

Explore Tibet: Paradise on Earth

Tibet is a sacred land, a true paradise on earth. This inspiring place has the power to uplift both the spirit and the body, making it an absolute must-visit in one's lifetime.

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Choose the way to travel to Tibet: independent travel or traveling with a Tibet tour group

Tourists in Tibet can choose two travel methods: independent travel and traveling with a Xinjiang-Tibet tour group.
However, there are restrictions on status. Tourists from China, Hong Kong and Macao can travel independently or join a group tour organized by a travel agency.

For tourists from other regions, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and other foreigners, they need to arrange their itinerary through a legal travel agency and apply for a Tibet entry permit before they can travel to Tibet.

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Planning a trip to Tibet: time, place, travel partners

There are three main elements that should be considered in your travel planning:

  1. time:

    Consider the number of days you can travel, choose the season and month for a long vacation, and also consider your physical condition. People who are afraid of the cold can consider traveling outside of winter. For travelers who like to see snow or enjoy cold weather, Tibet in winter or early spring is definitely the first choice.

  2. Place:

    There are many attractions in Tibet, so it is recommended to decide on your favorite destination first. According to personal preferences, you can choose based on humanities and attractions. For example, tourists who like traditional humanities can consider the Potala Palace, tourists who love flowers and plants can choose the Linzhi area, and tourists who want to enjoy the wonders of Tibetan lakes can consider places such as Yamdrok Yumcuo and Namtso.

  3. Fellow travelers:

    Find like-minded friends to play with. If you want a "semi-self-guided tour" in a small group, you can gather 6 people and you can plan your itinerary!

    Reasonably planning your travel time, choosing the places you want to explore, and referring to the advice of Menghui Tibet travel consultant can help your journey in Tibet go more smoothly and comfortably.

Tibet tour group-the difference between shared group tour and semi-independent tour group

Join a Tibet tour group or organize your own group, depending on the number of travel partners and itinerary arrangements.

Group plan:

If a traveling companionless than six people, it is recommended to directly participate in Tibet’sGroup sharing plan, to enjoy the greatest discounts. (Of course, you can also choose to find travel companions you know to complete the group)

Group sharing planOnly one person needs to sign up. Even if there are less than six people, you can choose to organize your own group, but the cost will be relatively high.

Self-organized group:

ifMore than six traveling companions, but the itinerary you want is different from the group plan, you can chooseOrganize your own group.
Price for self-organized groupIt will vary depending on the number of people and itinerary. Generally, the greater the number of people, the lower the price.

even thoughMore than six traveling companionsYou can also choose to join the Tibet group plan, you can get very valuableDiscounted prices.

Reference for group attractions
Budget space:

Depending on the number of days you travel to Tibet, the cost will also be different. Please>Fill in the form<
We will evaluate the complete budget and time and location for you.

Date length:

The longer the trip to Tibet is, the richer the itinerary will be. It is recommended to be at least 8 days.

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