Sky Burial

Why is it not recommended to watch sky burials when traveling in Tibet?

What is sky burial? Why is it not recommended to watch sky burial when traveling to Tibet? This article will explain in detail the significance of sky burial, Tibetan customs, laws and regulations, and other aspects, why you should not watch sky burial when traveling to Tibet.

Background and Significance of Sky Burial

Tibet is a region that worships Buddhism, and sky burial is a unique and sacred form of funeral. According to ancient Tibetan books, during the Tubo period, Songtsen Gampo made "not killing" a national law and strictly enforced it. This custom gradually evolved into a customary behavior of the Tibetan people.


Tibetans believe that giving the remains to vultures, which feed on small animals, is a kind act of great merit. In this way, the vultures will not prey on other small animals, indirectly protecting many lives. The core of sky burial is the immortality of the soul and reincarnation. Death is just the separation of the soul and the body. Tibetans believe that giving the remains to vultures is the most noble act of charity.

Funeral Rituals in Tibet

According to the New Book of Tang, the funeral rituals during the Tubo period were very strict. Although some changes have been made today, these taboos are still prevalent in Tibetan areas. When a funeral is held in Tibetan areas, the whole village will contribute labor, money, and food, and chant sutras for the deceased so that the soul can rest in peace. In order to avoid disturbing the quiet and solemnity of the funeral, Tibetan areas are very taboo about outsiders, especially tourists, watching the sky burial site.


Why is it not recommended to watch sky burials?

1. Disrespect for local customs: Sky burial is a serious religious ceremony, and the presence of outsiders will disturb the soul of the deceased. The presence of irrelevant personnel is not allowed.

2. Cultural sensitivity: Tibetans have deep religious feelings and cultural respect for sky burials. Tourists watching and taking photos at the sky burial site will be regarded as disrespectful to the culture.

3. Legal provisions: According to the "Interim Provisions on Sky Burial Management" issued by the People's Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2005, it is prohibited to watch, take photos, film or record videos of sky burial activities. Violators may face legal penalties.

Tibetan Legal Reference

According to Article 4 of the Interim Provisions on Sky Burial Management, sky burials are protected by law. Any organization or individual is prohibited from engaging in the following activities:

* Watching, taking photos, filming and recording the sky burial activities;
* Publish, broadcast, and reprint content related to sky burial activities through the media;
* Organize visits to the sky burial platform as a tourist attraction.

Any violation of the regulations that causes serious consequences will be punished by the civil affairs and public security departments of the people's government at or above the county level in accordance with the law.

We hope that all tourists visiting Tibet can respect this traditional custom and avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Welcome to Tibet to experience the beauty and culture of Tibet, but please respect local customs and do not watch the sky burial. Keep the sky burial platform quiet, let us respect life and death, respect cultural traditions, and let us jointly maintain this sacred ceremony. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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