List of Tickets for Tibet Tourist Attractions

Tibet Tourist Attractions Ticket List

The most complete list of tickets for Tibet tourist attractions, including ticket prices for Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi, and Ali, allowing you to plan your Tibet travel budget more accurately.

Tickets for Lhasa and surrounding scenic spots
Tickets for attractions in Shigatse
Shannan Attractions Tickets
Tickets for attractions in Nyingchi area
Tickets for attractions in Ngari Prefecture

Note: Ticket prices for attractions in each district may change from time to time. The above prices are for reference only. The actual prices are subject to the announcements of each attraction.

  • alue-Packed 8-Day Tibet Tou

  • Classic Tibet 9 Days

  • Linzhi, Mount Everest, and Namtso Lake 10 Days

  • Tibet Ali Holy Mountain and Sacred Lake 14 Days

  • Tibet Ali Pilgrimage 16 Days


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