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Tibet Travel: What to Pack When Going to Tibet? The Most Complete Luggage Guide!

When traveling to Tibet, many people will be confused about what to bring. For those who are going there for the first time, don't worry anymore! Here is a detailed packing list for you to easily prepare for your trip to Tibet.

Tibet Travel Packing List: What to Bring?

Tibet travel luggage should be light and practical. It is not recommended to bring a large suitcase. It is best to keep it within 25 inches. The recommended luggage combination is: cabin luggage + mountaineering backpack + carry-on backpack, or a suitcase under 25 inches + carry-on backpack. At the same time, don't forget to bring a carefree heart.

Recommended luggage packages for Tibet travel

Cabin luggage + mountaineering backpack + carry-on backpack

The space on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway train is small and cannot accommodate large suitcases. It is also inconvenient to move large suitcases around on the train during the journey.

Tibet Travel Packing List

Three principles of luggage preparation

1. Keep warm: The temperature difference in Tibet is large, so be sure to bring enough warm clothes.
2. Moisturizing: The plateau area is dry, so moisturizing products are essential.
3. Sun protection: The ultraviolet rays on the plateau are strong, so you must do a good job of sun protection.


  • Cash – Bring RMB cash directly, as credit cards and other currencies are not very convenient to use locally.
  • Cell Phone – Stay connected at all times.
  • Passport and Taiwan Compatriot Certificate – Make several copies and keep them separately to prevent loss.
  • Ticket information – Print the booking record of the electronic ticket for future reference.
  • Emergency Contact Information – Phone numbers and addresses of friends and family in case of emergency.
  • ID photo – for backup in case your ID is lost.


  • Warm jacket – Bring a warm jacket that is windproof and waterproof all year round.
  • Pants – Jeans, quick-drying pants, snow pants (for trekking).
  • Tops – Long sleeve tops and light jackets.
  • Underwear – Prepare according to the day.
  • Accessories – Socks, hats (for sun protection and warmth), scarves, bandanas, masks, gloves.
  • Footwear – Slippers, comfortable casual shoes, waterproof hiking shoes.
  • Eyewear – Sunglasses and spectacles.

Cleaning and maintenance products

  • Basic toiletries - toothpaste, toothbrush, facial cleanser, towel.
  • Hair and Bath – Shampoo, shower gel.
  • Skin care products – lotion, emulsion, body butter, sunscreen, lip balm.
  • Contact lenses – Disposable ones are best, and saline solution should also be brought.
  • Paper products – toilet paper, wet wipes (very practical).

Daily Items

  • Lighting – Flashlight.
  • Tools – Swiss Army knife, nail clippers (need to be checked in, not allowed on trains).
  • Tableware – Chopsticks, spoons, thermos cups, steel cups.
  • Others – Hair dryer (220V), Scout rope (for hanging clothes or emergency use), small padlock (spare).
  • Stationery – guidebook, notebook, pen, telescope (for viewing distant scenery).
  • Electronic equipment – Cameras, memory cards, chargers (220V).


  • Personal medicine – carry according to your needs.
  • Altitude sickness medicine – Rhodiola rosea, etc.
  • Cold medicine – Panadol, etc.
  • Gastrointestinal medicine – Commonly used gastrointestinal medicine.
  • Motion sickness medicine – if you are prone to motion sickness.
  • First aid supplies – little nurse, Band-Aids, breathable tape.

The most important luggage for traveling to Tibet

Bring a relaxed, happy mood and a carefree attitude

Everest Base Camp
Dreaming back to Tibet
Book with a travel consultant.

  • alue-Packed 8-Day Tibet Tou


  • Classic Tibet 9 Days

  • Linzhi, Mount Everest, and Namtso Lake 10 Days

  • Tibet Ali Holy Mountain and Sacred Lake 14 Days

  • Tibet Ali Pilgrimage 16 Days


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