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Methods for foreigners to apply for Tibet Travel Permit

Guide to applying for Tibet Travel Permit from Singapore and Malaysia

When foreign tourists travel to Tibet, the first thing to do is to reserve time to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit, which is called Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa) in English. It is also called Tibet Entry Paper or Tibet Permit. This is in addition to China, Hong Kong and Macao. In addition to tourists from the three places, this is an important document that all foreign tourists must apply for when traveling to Tibet. 

But there is a lot of information online, and you don’t know how to apply for a Tibet Travel Permit? Through this article, you can understand the process of applying for a Tibet Travel Permit at once. We provide free application for a Tibet Travel Permit. Permit) and all related Tibet travel documents to make your Tibet travel worry-free.

Tibet Visa

1. About Tibet Travel Permit

According to the regulations of the China National Tourism Administration, foreign tourists from outside China, Hong Kong and Macao or tourists from Taiwan and overseas Chinese are not allowed to travel on their own while in Tibet, that is, they cannot travel on their own..

The only way to travel to Tibet, regardless of the number of tourists, is to travel in an organized and planned group (except Hong Kong and Macao residents holding Chinese SAR passports or return permits). Traveling on your own is not allowed during your stay in Tibet, regardless of the number of tourists. Depending on the number of guests, the group tour must be organized and planned.


2. Tibet travel planning-forming organized overseas travel groups

What is an organized overseas group tour?

"An organized overseas travel group" refers to a travel group with more than one person and must have a reception unit (qualified travel agency) to provide tour guides, cars and accommodation services.

How to find these teams?

1. Number of travelers: one to five people: Contact a qualified Tibet travel agency to join the group plan to arrange follow-up services
2. For more than six travelers: contact a qualified Tibet travel agency to arrange follow-up services, such as: application for Tibet approval letter

What is Tibet Approval Letter?

[Tibet Entry Approval Letter]: Also known as Tibet Entry Letter, Tibet Travel Permit (Tibet Visa), Tibet Entry Paper, Tibet Entry Permit


3. Why do you need to apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet has a special geographical and cultural background. In order to maintain local social stability and protect environmental resources, the government has implemented a series of entry control measures due to Tibet's traffic conditions, tourism service facilities and reception capacity.

The government stipulates that non-Chinese citizen status holders, that is, foreign tourists, tourists from Singapore and Malaysia, and Taiwanese and overseas Chinese (except residents of Hong Kong and Macau holding Chinese SAR passports or return permits), must apply for a visa before entering Tibet for travel. Foreigners [Tibet Travel Permit?] issued by the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Bureau [TTB]

Tibet Travel PermitIt is a special permission document for the above-mentioned foreign tourists and Taiwanese tourists, ensuring that tourists can legally and safely enter this special area when traveling to Tibet..

At the same time, it also stipulates that foreign journalists and diplomats cannot enter Tibet as tourists.


4. Which status requires Tibet Travel Permit?

1. Foreign tourists (including Singapore and Malaysia)

Note: Overseas Chinese who do not have a Chinese passport also need to apply for a [Tibet Travel Permit].
Tourists from Hong Kong and Macao can travel to Tibet on their own with a Chinese SAR passport, a Home Return Permit for Hong Kong and Macao compatriots (issued before 1998, valid for 10 years), or a Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents.

Entry letter for foreigners into Tibet
*In addition to the [Tibet Travel Permit], foreign tourists also need to apply for a [Travel Permit] and [Military Zone Pass] depending on the travel route (both can be assisted)


[Tibet Travel Permit] Travel locations are limited to Lhasa, Namtso, and Shigatse
If you want to go to Mount Everest, Ali, Shannan, Nyingchi (except Lulang), you need to apply for a travel permit
If you want to go to Qamdo, Ngari and other closed places, you need to apply for a military zone pass

2.Taiwanese tourists

Entry letter for Taiwanese to Tibet

How do foreign tourists apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

1. Confirm Tibet travel itinerary and travel companions:

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people, be sure to choose a high-quality Tibet travel agency (such as our China Big Player Travel with more than 10 years of experience) to assist in arranging your itinerary and assisting in processing all documents required for Tibet travel, including entry into Tibet Letter etc.

2. Prepare documents related to entry into China and Tibet in advance:

Provide the corresponding documents within the time specified by the travel agency.
Foreign tourists need to provide a color scan of the front side of their passport (photo page) and a valid Chinese tourist visa (L visa). Taiwanese tourists need to provide color scan files of the front side of their passport (photo page) and Taiwan compatriot ID card (front and back sides); others (if you don’t know your country’s visa to China, please contact customer service)

3. Apply in advance:

Depending on the itinerary, the advance processing time may vary, usually 35-45 days before departure. Make sure that the scanned file provided is very clear. (If you are pressed for time, please contact our expert customer service)

Through the above steps, you will be able to successfully apply for the Tibet Entry Permit, ensuring that you can enter this special area legally and safely during your journey to Tibet. Remember to plan ahead and stay in close contact with your travel agent to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Do tourists from China, Hong Kong and Macao need to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit?

Chinese tourists can freely enter and exit Lhasa with their ID cards, and tourists from Hong Kong and Macao can freely enter Lhasa with their home return permit (Hong Kong and Macau Pass). They do not need to apply for a Tibet Entry Permit (Tibet Entry Permit), but some borders or areas that are not fully open require one. border defense permit

Tourist spots that require a border permit:

Shigatse region: Zhongba County, Saga County, Nyalam County (Zhangmu), Tingri County, Kangma County, Yadong County, Gangba County, Dingjie County, Jilong County
Shannan region: Cona County, Longzi County, Luozha County, Langkazi County;
Linzhi area: Milin County, Lang County, Chayu County, Medog County;
Ngari region: Pulan County, Zada County, Ritu County, Gar County

Important reminder

  • Foreign journalists and diplomats are not allowed to enter Tibet in the name of tourism.
  • Don't take chances and sneak into Tibet, otherwise the consequences will be serious.
  • When traveling in Tibet, please cooperate with the travel agency’s arrangements and are not allowed to leave the group or move around freely without permission.
  • Anyone who participates in any Tibet travel itinerary (including group plans and self-organized groups) of the major players will receive a Tibet entry permit (entry permit) and all related Tibet travel documents for free.
  • In order to comply with regulations, we do not provide separate entry letters (entry permits) for Taiwanese and foreign guests. Please understand.
  • If tourists from China, Hong Kong and Macao need to travel in a group with foreign guests (foreigners), they can contact the Big Player Travel Agency for assistance in making arrangements.

Due to the special topography, climate and culture of Tibet, there are many policies or local conditions that cannot be learned in time online. It is recommended to find a travel agency with "one-to-one" service by dedicated personnel, who can provide one-on-one services from consultation to group departure and even during the tour. Handle problems and needs

Tibet Travel Permitcommon problem

How to get Tibet Travel Permit?

After the application for the Tibet Entry Letter is completed, we will first provide an electronic scanned copy, confirm the sending location of the Tibet Entry Letter, and send it to the designated location in mainland China via SF Express. If you are participating in a group tour to Tibet, it will be delivered in Chengdu.
The letter of entry to Tibet is an extremely important document. After receiving the letter of entry to Tibet, you must bear the responsibility of keeping it yourself.

How much does it cost to process a Tibet Travel Permit?


Can I take the Tibet Travel Permit home as a souvenir?

no. The Tibet Travel Permit is an official document. After arriving in Tibet, the Tibet Travel Permit must be handed over to the tour guide for safekeeping as soon as possible. After the trip, the travel agency will return it to the official tourism bureau. The Tibet Travel Permit is not allowed to be handed over to the Tibet Travel Permit for any reason. ) were taken out of Tibet.

Can I go there if I don’t have a Tibet Travel Permit?

When applying for a Tibet Entry Letter, you must also submit detailed itinerary instructions such as travel time and travel route. If you do not apply for a route, you cannot temporarily add it.

After reading the above explanation, do you have a clearer understanding of how to apply for a Tibet entry permit (certificate)?
If you need further explanation, please contact a professional Tibet travel consultant immediately to provide you with a more complete explanation.

  • alue-Packed 8-Day Tibet Tou

  • Classic Tibet 9 Days

  • Linzhi, Mount Everest, and Namtso Lake 10 Days

  • Tibet Ali Holy Mountain and Sacred Lake 14 Days

  • Tibet Ali Pilgrimage 16 Days

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