Tibet Laangcuo

Exploring Tibet's Mysterious Ghost Lake: Rakshas

When you come to Ali, Tibet, in addition to visiting "Mapang Yongcuo", one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet, you must not miss the mysterious lake separated from it by only a hill - Rakshas Lake. It has a scary name, called Ghost Lake, which means "poisonous black lake" in Tibetan.(Tibetan: ལག་ངར་མཚོ).

Tibet Laangcuo geographical location and altitude

Laangcuo Lake is a saltwater lake located in the northeast of Purang County, Ali Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region. The geographical features of Laangcuo are very unique.The lake is about 4,573 meters above sea level, and is far away from the sacred mountain Gang Rinpoche. Although it is only separated from "Mapam Yumtso", one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet, by only a hill, it is in sharp contrast to the lake.

Laangcuo is separated from Manasarovar by a hill.
Laangcuo is only a hill away from Manasarovar.

The natural appearance of Laangcuo

Laangcuo is shaped like a crescent moon. Due to the high salt content of the lake water, the surrounding land has high salinity, so there are few animals and plants around the lake.Laangcuo is not as quiet and peaceful as other lakes in Tibet. Due to its geographical location, there are strong winds and waves. The lake water rolls up the sand on the bottom of the lake and rushes towards the shore in wave after wave. From a distance, the lake water looks blue, but when you get closer, you will find that it is dark.
One second ago, the sky was clear at another holy lake, Lake Manasarovar, but the next second, when we arrived at Lake Laang, the sky was covered with clouds, which made people marvel at the wonders of nature.

Tibet Ghost Lake Laangcuo
The natural appearance of Ghost Lake Laangcuo

The Origin of Tibet's Ghost Lake

Because the water quality of Laang Co is not suitable for human and animal drinking, the Laang fish in the water are poisonous, the ecological environment is barren, there is almost no vegetation around, few animals live, and the climate is unstable, it is called the "Ghost Lake". However, in the hearts of the local Tibetan people, this lake is a sacred symbol that has the function of exorcising evil spirits.

Guide to Laangcuo Lake

Lake Laang Co is extremely magnificent, and different angles can present completely different scenes. The lake water can reflect the snow-capped mountains as well as the sand dunes.

✓ Panoramic view of Gang Rinpoche:

Standing at a panoramic view of the entire lake, you can see the curved lake edge, the deep blue lake, and even the legendary sacred mountain Gang Rinpoche in the distance.


1. Heading towards Purang, the first place you can see Laangcuo is the lakeside, where you can see the island in the middle of the lake in the distance.
2. Walk to the lakeside to feel the wind and waves of Laangcuo, and you can also see the black water (edge) of Ghost Lake.
3. The lake with Mount Namunani as the background is a good choice for taking portraits.

Tips on what to wear when traveling to Tibet for the best photos

Because the overall color scheme of Laangcuo is calm and elegant, wearing bright-colored clothes will make you more eye-catching and beautiful in photos.

Such as: red, yellow, orange, green

Clothing preparation for traveling to Tibet

The temperature in Tibet varies greatly throughout the year, so you need to prepare a coat for each season.

✓April-May|Autumn and winter clothing: thin thermal underwear, down jacket + fleece jacket 
✓June-October|Autumn and summer clothing: jackets, light coats 
✓November-March|Winter clothing: thick warm underwear, down jacket + fleece jacket

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