Xinjiang Duku Highway, a must-go once in your life, travel guide

When traveling on the Duku Highway, you will understand what "the scenery is on the road" means. From the Gobi Desert to snow-capped mountains and glaciers, from high mountains to canyons, from grasslands to lakes, wildness and tenderness coexist, and wildness and stunningness coexist.

Geographical location of Duku Highway

Duku Highway was rated by China National Geographic as:A scenic avenue overlooking the Tianshan Mountains, crossing the Tianshan Mountains, connecting southern and northern Xinjiang, shuttling between cliffs and forests and snow-capped mountains, starting from "Dushanzi City" in the north to "Kuqa City in Southern Xinjiang".

The total length is 561 kilometers, with the highest point at 3,700 meters above sea level. It crosses the Tianshan Mountains, so there are beautiful views every ten miles, and you can experience four seasons in one day! It can be called a milestone in the history of China's highway construction.

It took 10 years to build this road, which was officially opened to traffic in September 1983. 168 soldiers who built the road died on duty. Therefore, Xinjiang Duku Highway is also known as -Hero's Path.

Duku Highway

Overview of the Duku Highway

The entire Duku Highway is divided into three parts: north, middle, and south! The northern section is mountainous and canyon, the middle section is plain and lake, and the southern section is grassland and river valley.

Northern section (Dushanzi District-Nalati)

It is about 250km long, with the highest altitude of 3500m. It is the section with the richest landscapes on the Duku Highway, mainly grasslands, snow-capped mountains and curved roads.

Vehicle restrictions: Passenger cars with 7 seats or less

Middle section (Nalati-Bayinbuluke)

It is about 61km long, with the highest altitude of 3400m. It passes through the river valley and goes south. There is a rest area on the way where you can stop and take pictures. Finally, you will arrive at Bayinbuluke Town to enjoy the famous "Nine Bends and Eighteen Turns Sunset", which is also a must-take route for many tourists to Xinjiang.

Vehicle restrictions: The current policy allows large buses to pass

Southern section (Bayinbuluke-Kuqa)

About 250km away, with the highest altitude at 3,300m, the plateau wetlands that were originally lush with water and grass gradually disappear and turn into dry Gobi rocky landforms. This section can be regarded as the most beautiful section of the Duku Highway.

Vehicle restrictions: Passenger cars with 7 seats or less

Duku Highway Opening Hours

As the highway passes through a high-altitude snowy area, it is only open for four months each year, generally from June to early October. During the opening period, it is sometimes temporarily closed depending on local weather conditions. It is recommended to discuss planning with a consultant in advance.

Duku Highway Tourism Season

Along the way, the Duku Highway passes through natural scenery such as snow-capped mountains, grasslands, lakes and canyons, so you can experience the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter along the way. There are wonders at every turn and surprises at every mountain climb. The scenery changes in a day and the alternation of the four seasons is breathtakingly beautiful.

Spring: Green grass and fragrant rain

Hot summer, scorching sun in the wild

Autumn wind and falling leaves bring coolness

Winter Snow Mountain Romance

Scenic spots along Duku Highway

North Section

Dushanzi Grand Canyon: A canyon wonder formed by the erosion of snow and rain over the years.

Baili Gallery Tangbula: It’s like an oasis, with green everywhere you look. You can never imagine how shocking this scene is unless you see it with your own eyes.

Tangbula Fairy Lake: Alpine meadows, streams along the way and snow-capped mountains in the distance, all the beautiful scenery can be taken in at a glance, and there are cattle and sheep grazing in front of you, which makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.


Nalati Grassland: One of the most beautiful grasslands in China, with snow-capped mountains, pine forests and grasslands, beautiful and handsome. Bayinbuluke: A paradise surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

South Section

Big and small dragon pools: The cold emerald on the Tianshan Mountain and the two pools of water are like two emeralds embedded in the canyon.

Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon: The red cliffs have formed strange peaks and rocks due to years of erosion by water and wind.

Things to note when traveling to Xinjiang from Singapore and Malaysia

  1. The highest point of the Duku Highway is 3,700 meters above sea level. Don't stay at the highest point for too long and don't do strenuous exercises such as running and jumping. Generally, you won't have altitude sickness.
  2. Prepare motion sickness medicine, cold medicine and other common medicines for your own use.
  3. Most of the Duku Highway is asphalt road with complicated road conditions, many of which are sharp turns and steep slopes. It is also a two-way lane, which tests driving skills. Do not drive while tired, or seek guidance from an experienced driver.
  4. There may not be enough food and water on the road, so bring enough food and water.
The most beautiful scenery is often on the road. You can see four seasons in one day, different scenery every five miles, and different weather every ten miles. The Duku Highway is a must-go in your life. Everything you see and hear along the way will become the most beautiful memories.

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