Meet Little Europe in Xinjiang - Jiadengyu

Xinjiang Jiadengyu, experience the European style together

Jiadengyu in Xinjiang is a must-visit place on the way to Kanas Lake Scenic Area and Hemu Scenic Area. It has colorful European-style houses, vast grasslands, magnificent snow-capped mountains and dense forests, and is known as the Little Switzerland of the East.

Geographical location of Jiadengyu

Northern Xinjiang

Jiadengyu is located in the middle of the Kanas Lake Scenic Area and the south side of the Hemu Scenic Area in northern Xinjiang. It is a village where Kazakh herdsmen live in summer. It is also the gateway to the Kanas Lake Scenic Area and the Hemu Scenic Area. To go to these two scenic areas, you have to pass through Jiadengyu. The gate of Kanas Scenic Area is next to Jiadengyu Village. The starting point of the shuttle bus and hiking route to Hemu is also here, so it has become a must-visit place for tourists to visit northern Xinjiang.


Introduction to Jiadengyu Scenic Area

Natural landscape and cultural features

Jiadeng Valley has mountains, water, forests and grasslands. Mongolian yurts are stationed on the vast grasslands, small yellow flowers and dandelions are everywhere, spruce and larch are everywhere, and cattle and horses are leisurely in the mountains and forests. It reflects the simple and rugged cultural landscape of the nomadic peoples in western China. It is a beautiful and rich treasure land interwoven with forests, grasslands, rivers and canyons.

Recommended food in Jiadengyu

When you come to Xinjiang, you can't miss the big plate chicken, barbecue, roast lamb, mixed noodles, etc. Jiadengyu has everything you need. The fresh ingredients and unique seasonings make you salivate. Early birds should not miss the fragrant lamb buns and Xinjiang's unique salty milk tea.

Xinjiang Mutton Buns

Jiadengyu Specialty Lodging

European-style villa in a fairytale world

These villas are located at the foot of the mountain. The colorful villas are surrounded by magnificent mountain and forest landscapes. In each courtyard, the grass is green, the flowers are lush, and the colorful flowers bloom in the sun, adding a vibrant color. In addition to feeling the strong European style, walking among these villas is like being in a fairy tale. Whether it is the morning sun or the evening afterglow, you can immerse yourself in this charming scenery and enjoy the tranquility and beauty.

Jiadengyu Accommodation

Mongolian yurt with strong folk customs

In addition to the European-style villas, the white yurts on the grassland are decorated according to the characteristics of the Kazakh people, providing the heroic, generous and hospitable style of the ancient nomadic people. Elegant and warm, comfortable and free environment, feeling the tranquility of the grassland is another way to experience the unique charm of Jiadengyu.

Jiadengyu Specialty Lodging

Suitable time and season to travel to Jiadengyu

Summer (June-August): The Wizard of Oz

During the most prosperous season, the climate is pleasant, the grassland is green, flowers are blooming, and there are herds of cattle and sheep. It is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the grassland.

Summer in Jiadengyu

Spring (April-June): Warm and blooming flowers

The grass and trees are sprouting and the flowers are blooming. It is the season of revival. The cattle and sheep can finally go up the mountain to graze. After a long winter, there are signs of lively life activities. This vividness and vitality make people feel beautiful.

Spring in Jiadengyu

Autumn (September-October): Fairy Tales

The most unmissable is the hiking route from Jiadengyu to Hemu Village. The blue sky and white clouds, white snow-capped mountains, golden forests, turquoise Kanas River, and meadows are all full of small surprises that make you linger.

Autumn in Jiadengyu

Winter (December-February): Ice and Snow Kingdom

In winter, snowflakes fall in Jiadengyu like millions of elves dancing in the sky. The town seems to be gently wrapped in white gauze, and the road is covered in silver, as if leading to a fairyland.

Winter in Jiadengyu

Attractions near Jiadengyu


A beautiful secret place hidden in the mountains, the lake is like a mirror, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds and the surrounding lush forests, as well as the surrounding mountains and trees. Kanas in the morning mist is like a fairyland.

Kanas Lake:

It is like a bright pearl inlaid in the Altai Mountains. Surrounded by mountains, the lake is rippling with blue waves, the scenery is picturesque, and you can explore the legend of the "water monster".

Three Bays (Wolong Bay, Moon Bay, and Shenxian Bay):

The forest reflections of Wolong Bay, the fairy footprints of Moon Bay, the morning mist of Shenxian Bay, each bay has its own unique charm.

Fish watching platform:

This high platform built for viewing the "lake monster" requires climbing 1,068 steps. Climbing up to the fish-watching platform, you can overlook the magnificent scenery of Kanas Lake and feel the tranquility and beauty of nature.


Hemu Village

Hemu Village beside Kanas Lake is known as "China's No. 1 Village". Wooden houses built with logs are scattered in the village, small bridges flow over the water, and smoke rises from cooking fires... The quaint mountain village scenery is as mysterious as Kanas Lake.

Harden View:

It is not only an ideal place to watch the sunrise, but also a panoramic view of the beautiful old village shrouded in morning mist.

Birch Forest:

Wild birch forests are everywhere, deep and quiet, full of greenery. They have different appearances in each season, but they are all full of poetry and romance.

Big and small beautiful peaks:

You can choose to hike or ride a horse to go deep into the primeval forest and explore the mysteries of nature.

Hemu Village

Recommended attractions in Northern Xinjiang-Jiadengyu

Before heading to Kanas and Hemu Village, stop in Jiadengyu for a day. The magnificent natural scenery and the heroism and hospitality of the nomadic people will set a beautiful prelude to your subsequent journey.

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