Xinjiang Weather Guide-Which month is better to go to?

Is the weather in Xinjiang suitable for travel? Which season or month is suitable?
Xinjiang is one of China's largest provinces and has a varied geography and climate, so a different travel experience awaits you every month. Don’t miss the opportunity, choose the right time to travel and explore this amazing land!

Xinjiang weather and season recommendations-late winter from January to February

If you like fairy tales in the snow and off-season travel

Going to Harbin to play in the snow in winter? Why not visit Xinjiang? There will be a better experience.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Northern Xinjiang in winter is like a fairy tale world! In this mysterious and beautiful season, the scenery in northern Xinjiang is like a fairyland in fairy tales. Let’s explore this snowy land together and discover its unique beauty.

First, Hemu Village. This paradise-like village is lined with small wooden houses, the roofs are covered with thick snow, and smoke is rising from the kitchen stoves. On a clear day, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rizhao Jinshan Mountain every day. Hemu Village seems to be a place forgotten by time, full of tranquility and mystery. Next, Bai Haba. This is an isolated place with lonely trees, which seems to be a masterpiece of nature. No matter where you go, you won’t miss the opportunity to capture this beautiful scene.

The Shenxian Bay and Kanas River in the morning fog are also excellent shooting spots. At the outlet of the fairyland-like Kanas Lake, you will be shocked by the scenery covered with rime on both sides. The beauty here is intoxicating. Sailimu Lake shows the wonder of blue ice. The ice on the lake cracks, swans play in the lake, and the sunrise scenery is even more breathtaking.

In addition, there are various snow entertainment projects in Northern Xinjiang, such as snow horse riding, horse-drawn sleighs, hot air balloons and snowmobiles, allowing you to have fun in the snow. If you are lucky enough, you may encounter a small fox in the winter in northern Xinjiang. But remember, don’t feed them salty and sugary foods as they can be harmful to their health.

Winter in northern Xinjiang is an intoxicating season, full of fairy-tale beauty and wonderful experiences. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or an adventurer, this is a perfect destination waiting for you to explore and discover. Let’s enjoy this unforgettable winter in Northern Xinjiang together!

If you like southern Xinjiang, you can go there in winter! The ancient city of Kashgar also has a unique flavor in winter. You can consult a consultant for more details.

Recommended seasons and weather in Xinjiang-March to early April

You who like to go out to enjoy the flowers in the off-season?

In this spring, have a love affair with Xinjiang that belongs to you 💕 Xinjiang from March to April is like a colorful picture, waiting for your exploration.

In early spring in Xinjiang, the sun is bright and warm as poetry. Walking on the vast grassland, feeling the gentle breeze, it seems as if time has stood still. The sky here is so blue, so pure and intoxicating.

In the sea of apricot flowers in early spring, each flower is like a small smiling face, adding endless vitality to this land. Being among them, you feel as if you are also a part of this apricot flower, feeling the charm of nature.

The snow-capped mountains in the distance and the lake nearby, this is Xinjiang, a place full of mystery and beauty. The beauty of Xinjiang is not only seen with the eyes, but also felt in the heart. The scenery, culture and taste here will make you linger. Xinjiang’s delicacies are even more mouth-watering, such as mutton skewers, large plates of chicken, grilled buns... every bite is a sign of love for Xinjiang.

In short, traveling to Xinjiang from March to April was a truly exciting journey. It is waiting for you, with your dreams and enthusiasm, to feel the charm of nature and appreciate the colorfulness of this world.

Xinjiang weather and seasonal recommendations-spring from May to June

If you like to travel during the peak season, I will show you the most beautiful Xinjiang

The temperature in Xinjiang in May is generally between 15-30 degrees Celsius, but in some areas, the temperature at night may drop by 5-15 degrees, so the temperature difference between day and night is large. Please be sure to bring appropriate clothing when traveling to cope with temperature changes.

May-June is the best viewing period for Ili grassland. The wild flowers on the grassland are in full bloom, presenting a beautiful sea of flowers landscape. Different grasslands have different flowering periods depending on their geographical location and altitude:

  • Tuohulasu Grassland: early May to mid-May
  • Kurdenin (Sylvan Steppe): Early May to May 25
  • Kalajun Grassland (including Qiongkush Terrace): mid-May to June 15
  • Tangbula Grassland (Fairy Lake): mid-May to June 20
  • Chata Trail: mid-May to June 20

After mid-June, although the flowering period ends, the grassland becomes greener and presents a more beautiful scenery. The grassland scenery at this time is pleasant, the grass is green and beautiful.

In mid-June, Sailimu Lake also entered the best viewing period. The lake gradually thaws and turns dark blue, with wildflowers swaying in the breeze and swans resting on the lake. The scenery is dreamlike and intoxicating.

In short, May and June are an excellent time to explore the natural beauty of Xinjiang. Whether you are admiring the grasslands with blooming wildflowers or immersing yourself in the fantasy of Sailimu Lake, it will bring you an unforgettable travel experience.

No matter you choose to go to southern Xinjiang or northern Xinjiang, you can find fascinating scenery. So, prepare your bags and welcome the beauty of Xinjiang!

How to buy air tickets and select dates to find the best value for money in peak season?

Please contact a consultant

Xinjiang weather and season recommendations-summer from July to August

If you only have time to travel in summer and like the peak season - explore the beautiful ceiling of Xinjiang

Bring the beauty of Xinjiang home with your heart and eyes. Xinjiang in July and August is really a gift from nature, full of vitality. Summer is the best season to travel to Xinjiang. If you are traveling to Xinjiang for the first time and are not sure whether to choose the natural scenery in northern Xinjiang or the rich humanities in southern Xinjiang, then come and take a look.

Southern Xinjiang has strong ethnic characteristics. There are ancient cities with a long history, vast deserts, and the mysterious and magnificent Grand Canyon. Here you can deeply experience Uyghur culture and taste authentic Uyghur cuisine. Attractions to visit: Kashgar Ancient City, Baisha Lake, Panlong Ancient Trail, and Karakul Lake.

The summer in Northern Xinjiang is like a fairyland in a fairy tale. There are endless grasslands, clear and sparkling lakes, green mountains and green waters, blue skies and white clouds. Wearing a floral skirt and a straw hat, taking pictures in the endless prairie is simply amazing. beautiful. Check-in attractions: Kanas, Ili, Nalati, Sailimu Lake, Tianshan Tianchi, Duku Highway, etc.

The average temperature in July is around 21-31°C, and in August it is around 19-29°C. However, it will still be a bit cool at night, so it is recommended to bring a thick coat in spring and autumn.

At this time, Xinjiang has entered the best tourist season! Whether you choose Southern Xinjiang or Northern Xinjiang, you can enjoy stunning scenery. This summer, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the beauty of Xinjiang!

Sailimu Lake summer

Xinjiang weather and season recommendations-summer from July to August

Xinjiang in autumn, an encounter with the colors of the waves - you who like cool weather and romance

Hemu and Kanas in Xinjiang are like fairy tales, especially in autumn. The autumn here is like an oil painting, so beautiful. The ancient Tuva villages and golden birch forests make this place known as the God’s back garden. If you plan to go to Xinjiang to enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn, the following are the best times to enjoy autumn in northern and southern Xinjiang:

🍁 Northern Xinjiang: early September to mid-October🌾 Southern Xinjiang: October to early November

The autumn scenery in northern and southern Xinjiang has its own characteristics:

Northern Xinjiang

  • Kanas: Known as the “top ten autumn sceneries”, it attracts many tourists every autumn. There are golden forests, turquoise lakes and quaint villages here.
  • Snow-capped mountains in autumn: The snow-capped mountains in northern Xinjiang in autumn look particularly spectacular under the warm sunshine, making people forget to leave.

Southern Xinjiang

  • Populus euphratica forest: Southern Xinjiang is famous for its magnificent "Autumn Populus euphratica" scenery. Thousand-year-old Populus euphratica trees show their charm in autumn.
  • Autumn Desert: The autumn desert in southern Xinjiang is relatively cool, full of tranquility and magnificent beauty.
  • Plateau scenery: The plateau area in southern Xinjiang has magnificent scenery with snow-capped mountains that never melt all year round and thousand-year-old glaciers.
  • Humanities and history: The ancient city of Kashgar and the Silk Road have a long history, and tourists can feel the strong historical and cultural atmosphere.

If you plan to travel to Xinjiang in September and October, here are some suggested itineraries:

  • Northern Xinjiang: Kanas + Hemu + Sailimu Lake Small Ring Line
  • Southern Xinjiang: Kashgar + Pamir Plateau Small Loop

In addition, the weather in Xinjiang in autumn is pleasant, the temperature gradually drops, the sky is clear and dry, but the wind gradually increases. It is recommended to wear a light jacket with a thin sweater and prepare windproof clothing such as a windbreaker and a thin down jacket. Autumn in Xinjiang is a season full of charm. Everyone is welcome to come and experience the beautiful scenery and rich culture here!

In short, the four seasons in Xinjiang have their own characteristics, and each season has different tourism experiences waiting for tourists. Choosing when to travel to Xinjiang depends on personal needs, budget and available vacation time. Here are some general suggestions for traveling to Xinjiang:

  1. Spring (March-May):

    • Suitable for flower viewing and nature exploration.
    • You can enjoy wildflowers and almond blossoms in bloom.
    • The temperature is moderate and suitable for outdoor activities.
  2. Summer (June-August):

    • The temperature in Xinjiang is relatively high in summer, which is suitable for tourists who like hot weather.
    • It is the peak season for tourism in Xinjiang, but accommodation and tickets need to be booked in advance.
    • Ideal for spending summers in lakes, meadows and alpine areas.
  3. Autumn (September-October):

    • Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons in Xinjiang, with pleasant temperatures.
    • Suitable for enjoying autumn leaves, Populus euphratica forest and mountain scenery.
    • It’s a great time for photography enthusiasts.
  4. Winter (November-February):

    • Winter is great for skiing and snow lovers.
    • The snow-capped mountains and ski resorts in northern Xinjiang are the highlights of winter.
    • Winters in southern Xinjiang are relatively warm, making it suitable for urban and cultural exploration.

For strategies and how to play Xinjiang, you can make a plan based on your personal interests and budget:

  • Northern Xinjiang is suitable for tourists who like natural scenery, outdoor activities and adventure.
  • Southern Xinjiang is suitable for tourists who like humanities, history, ethnic culture and food.
  • Consider renting a car for a self-driving trip or joining a tour group. The specific itinerary can be arranged according to personal preferences.
  • Plan ahead when booking accommodation and tickets, especially during peak tourist season.

In short, Xinjiang is a colorful tourist destination. Whether you like nature or culture and history, you can find an itinerary that suits you here. Choose according to the season and interests, and customize an unforgettable trip to Xinjiang!


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