Winter Adventure - Xinjiang's Hemu Village Winter Tourism

Xinjiang's Hemu Village, a mysterious winter wonderland, free from high-altitude concerns, will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale. Let's explore the charm of winter tourism in Xinjiang's Hemu Village together.

Xinjiang Winter Destination Highlight: Hemu Village

Will there be altitude sickness in Hemu Village, Xinjiang?
The altitude of Hemu Village is relatively low, ranging from about 1200 meters to 1400 meters, so there is no need to worry about altitude sickness...

Hemu Village Entrance Ticket:
The ticket price is 102 yuan per person, and it includes the shuttle service within the area.
Transportation: Free shuttle buses are provided within the scenic area.

Accommodation in Hemu Village, Xinjiang: The old village is bustling and lively, while the new village is quiet and well-equipped. Choose your accommodation based on your preferences. (The old village is closer to the ski resort). Both the new and old villages have convenient transportation options.

Winter Travel Tips:
The winter temperatures in Kanas can drop as low as -30°C, so it's essential to bring warm clothing to stay comfortable.
It is not recommended to drive in the winter, as the roads in the Altai region can be slippery with mountain passes. Inexperienced travelers should avoid self-driving. Additionally, for visiting Baihaba, you will need to obtain a border pass, so please make sure to arrange this in advance..
n Kanasi, roads may be closed during heavy snowfall, so it's advisable to check the weather forecast in advance.
Do not feed wild foxes with salty or meat-based food.

A Fairytale World in Northern Xinjiang Tourism

The Silver-Clad Beauty of Hemu Village

Hemu Village transforms into a fairy tale world dressed in silver during the winter. Every corner is blanketed in pristine white snow. This winter wonderland is a photographer's paradise, where you can capture poetic moments at every turn. Stroll through the village, feel the cold breeze on your face, and admire the houses and trees covered in white snow. The serenity and purity of this experience are priceles

The enchanting Hemu Lake

Hemu Lake becomes even more beautiful in winter. The lake surface freezes, but the water beneath remains clear, offering a crystal-clear view. The frozen lake reflects the surrounding snow-capped mountains and blue skies. If you are fortunate enough to take a walk on the lake, you will be captivated by the ice crystals on its surface. Hemu Lake's winter scenery is a perfect subject for photography and an ideal place to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature

Skiing and Snowfield Adventure in Hemu Village 

For adventurous travelers, Hemu Village offers a wide range of winter activities. You can rent skiing equipment locally and enjoy thrilling skiing experiences on the snowy mountains. Additionally, there are hiking and snowfield exploration activities that allow you to delve deeper into the beauty of this area.

Savoring Xinjiang Cuisine

Winter in Hemu Village is also a great time for indulging in local cuisine. You can savor the specialty hotpot, which is both warming and delicious. Additionally, the dairy products here are famous, and you should definitely try the fresh cheese and yogurt. Exploring the local cuisine is a wonderful way to experience Hemu's culture.

Stargazing and Sky Watching

In the tranquil village of Hemo, the night sky is exceptionally clear and bright. Away from the light pollution of the city, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the stars, especially on clear winter nights. Stargazing is a peaceful activity that allows you to get closer to nature and experience the mysterious beauty of the universe.

Travel Essentials

Winter in Hemu Village sees low temperatures, so it's advisable to dress in thick, warm clothing, including down jackets, gloves, hats, and insulated boots.

Don't forget to bring your camera and tripod to capture the beautiful winter scenes, especially the starry skies.

Local Culture:
Respect the culture and customs of the local residents, especially when taking photos. Please obtain their permission before capturing images.

If you are looking for a winter vacation destination, consider visiting Hemu Village in Xinjiang.
The winter scenery here is not only breathtaking but also offers a wealth of activities and cuisine to make your holiday unforgettable. Don't just think about Switzerland; come to Hemu Village in Xinjiang, where you will find many unforgettable experiences waiting for you.

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