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When we talk about Tibet, what comes to mind is the vast sky, magnificent mountains, profound religious culture, and the stories hidden around every corner. In this mysterious land, there is such a travel agency, Big Player, which not only turns travel into a profound exploration, but also prepares a series of unforgettable travel plans for travelers who are willing to trust and choose us during the most important Spring Festival. The Tibetan New Year experience allows travelers to experience the purest Tibetan culture and customs.

Tibetan New Year

An unforgettable night at Everest Base Camp during the Spring Festival

Imagine that you are sitting around a steaming hot pot in a restaurant full of Tibetan cultural atmosphere at the Everest Base Camp. It is sub-zero temperature outside, but your heart is warmed by this unique plateau hot pot. This is not just a meal, it is a deep cultural dive at high altitude. This experience carefully arranged by big players allows travelers to feel the essence of Tibetan culture while tasting delicious food.

Everest Base Camp
Carefully prepared hot pot by the company

Tibetan people eat ancient tutuan dumplings during the Chinese New Year to add to the joyful atmosphere


The Gutu Tuan is a Tibetan New Year's Eve event full of traditional significance and meaning. Through this unique ceremony, it not only adds to the joyful atmosphere of the festival, but also deeply embodies the sense of humor of Tibetan culture and the meaning of family reunion. This is a special pasta with different items hidden inside, each with a unique meaning:

Stone: represents "hard-hearted", which means that someone may be too hard-hearted or not easy to accept other people's opinions.
Chili pepper: Symbolizes "knife mouth", suggesting harsh words.
Wool: means "soft-hearted", referring to a person who is kind-hearted and compassionate.
Charcoal: Represents "black heart" and may have bad intentions or deceive others.
Coin: Symbolizes "making a fortune", implying good fortune and improved economic conditions in the coming year.

Tibetan New Year
Local Tibetan singers and group members took turns singing on stage

Happy New Year’s Eve in Lhasa, Tibet

As for the group members in Lhasa, the team of big players also spared no effort to prepare a series of New Year's Eve festival activities for the travelers. From the wonderful lottery activities to the joyful singing and dancing, every detail is the care and creativity of our big player team. The restaurant is full of Lhasa characteristics and decorated with a festive atmosphere and joy. A local dance troupe was also invited to perform Tibetan dance for everyone. This is definitely the most unique New Year's Eve experience.

Team partners are preparing carefully
tibetan dance
tibetan dance
Super special Tibetan style decoration
Super special Tibetan style decoration
There is also a lottery
There is also a lottery
In addition to eating, listening and watching, there are also different entertainment projects

Big Player Travel Agency: A Chinese local travel agency with 18 years of experience specializing in receiving foreign guests

Big Player Travel Agency, with more than 18 years of rich experience in providing Tibet travel services, focuses on creating an in-depth spiritual and cultural journey for Chinese friends from Singapore, Malaysia and other places.

Choosing Big Player is not only choosing a travel agency, but also choosing an opportunity to deeply explore the mysterious and beautiful snowy plateau, making every trip an unforgettable chapter in life.

High quality and good reputation journey guarantee

Come to Tibet for the holidays

With 18 years of experience in serving foreign guests, Big Player Travel Agency knows how to combine high cost performance with in-depth experience to bring the best to travelers.Tibet Discovery Tour. Whether it is the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day holidays, or important family travel using annual leave or wedding leave, Big Player Travel Agency can provide professional and attentive services to ensure that every trip is an unforgettable and happy memory in the traveler's life.

Choosing Big Player Travel Agency means choosing a reliable companion to accompany you to every corner of Tibet, experience its unique cultural charm and feel the magnificent landscape of nature. Our goal is to let every traveler not just walk the journey, but experience a baptism of the soul and open up a new understanding of life.

Let us embark on this journey together, explore the mysterious and beautiful snowy plateau, and let Big Player Travel Agency use our professionalism and enthusiasm to transform every trip of yours into an unforgettable chapter in your life.

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