[Tibet Weather and Temperature] Wear the right clothes to prevent High Altitude Sickness

Tibet weather: temperatures in various regions of Tibet with four seasons

Summary of Tibet temperature throughout the year

Due to its unique plateau geographical location, Tibet's climate changes significantly from morning to night. From April to September every year, the temperature is between 5-24℃. This period is the best tourist season in Tibet, with pleasant climate and high travel comfort. October to March are the autumn and winter months in Tibet, with temperatures dropping to around -14~13°C. This is the off-season for Tibet tourism. Although roads sometimes freeze due to snowfall, the scenery is unique and charming. Pay attention to the anti-slip of your clothes and shoes, which can not only save money but also avoid crowds.

In high-altitude scenic spots such as Namtso, Mount Everest, and Ngari, you need to bring warm clothing, such as sweaters, down jackets, etc., throughout the year. For a day trip to Namtso in summer, just prepare a thick sweater. If you plan to stay overnight, you need to add a down jacket and other warm equipment. In scenic spots with relatively low altitudes such as Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shigatse, and Shannan, you can refer to the spring, summer, autumn and winter dressing guide and prepare corresponding clothing.

Tibet Weather: What to wear in all seasons in Tibet to prevent colds and high altitude sickness (High Altitude Sickness)

Tibet is a mysterious and majestic place with four distinct seasons. The weather and temperature vary greatly and are changeable.

The key points of dressing in spring, summer, autumn and winter are based on "onion style dressing", which can be reasonably matched according to the temperature and weather conditions in different seasons. Travelers who value taking photos may also consider matching different colors and styles according to the scenery of different seasons in Tibet and the regions they visit.

The sun in Tibet is strong, the days are long, and the air is dry. You need to pay attention to sun protection and moisturizing when traveling in Tibet all year round. It is recommended to wear a hat, sunglasses, and carry sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products with you. Due to Tibet's "four seasons in one day" weather changes, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. Onion-style dressing and choosing appropriate clothing are key to prevent colds and avoid altitude sickness (High Altitude Sickness). No matter it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, you must match your clothes appropriately so that you can better adapt to Tibet's unique climate and fully appreciate the beauty of this mysterious plateau. Remember to adjust your outfit according to the changing seasons to make your trip more enjoyable.

And remember: shorts and skirts look good when taking photos in the summer, but some temples are inaccessible and are prone to sunburn, so be sure to bring relevant clothing that is convenient for movement.

Tibet Weather Guide

Tibetan Weather Seasonal Dressing-Spring (March-May)

Tibet spring temperature: -3℃~18℃

Spring is an excellent time to travel to Tibet, especially between March and May, when the earth begins to turn green and peach blossoms bloom. Although the temperature in Tibet gradually rises in spring, you still need to pay attention to what you wear to ensure you stay comfortable in the unpredictable weather.

Coats & Tops: The temperature in Tibet in spring is about 2-15℃. It will feel warm and pleasant when there is sunshine during the day, but it may rain. You can choose windproof and waterproof casual wear, outdoor wear or sportswear as your outerwear. It is recommended Choose a double layer or thicker jacket to keep you warm. As a choice of thermal underwear, sweaters or thermal suits are good options. If you feel cold easily or have a weak constitution, you can add warm clothes in moderation.

Outer pants: It is wise to choose pants that have good warmth and are not easily exposed to wind. You can consider thick casual pants or professional outdoor thermal pants, which can be worn underneath for added warmth.

underwear: When choosing underwear, pure cotton is the best choice for comfort and warmth. In addition, prepare some disposable cotton underwear to make it easier to change and keep you dry.

shoe: To ensure the warmth and comfort of your feet, it is recommended to choose high-top outdoor shoes or hard-soled sports shoes. These shoes are warm, waterproof and non-slip. High-top outdoor shoes are especially suitable if you plan to travel to high-altitude areas such as Ali and Mount Everest.

In addition, Tibet is famous for its peach blossoms in spring. You can choose clothing according to the background color of the peach blossoms, such as white, pink, purple and green, to make your photos more distinctive. Although it may be warm and comfortable during the day, there is still a large temperature difference between day and night, so always keep warm when doing outdoor activities to ensure a pleasant travel experience.

Tibet Weather Guide and Clothing Recommendations for Spring

Tibetan Weather Seasonal Dressing-Summer (June-August)

Tibet’s average summer temperature: 15℃-25℃

coat:The temperature difference between day and night in Tibet is still very large in summer.So you still need to bring a warm jacket, I highly recommend the three-in-one velvet storm jacket. The most important thing is to keep warm.Windproof and waterproof, you can also adjust your outfit according to different temperatures. (Similarly, the onion style can be used on different jackets)

sun protection jacket: In addition to a thick coat, it is recommended to bring a breathable and easy-to-carry sun protection coat. Passengers who are afraid of heat often want to take off their thick coats when the temperature changes. However, the strong sunshine in Tibet requires sun protection. At this time, wear shorts A sleeveless vest and a sun protection jacket will be the most comfortable choice!

Jacket:One thing to remember is that "onion style dressing" recommends carrying a short-sleeved or vest underneath or with you. You can change into it when the weather is too hot. For daily outerwear, you can wear a long-sleeved outerwear that is generally easy to put on and take off.

Pants:It is recommended to bring thin trousers that are suitable for activities. Shorts will not only make you tan, but they are not windproof. It is not recommended. Some people will want to bring a skirt in summer.But in some temples, you are not allowed to wear skirts., it is recommended that if you want to take good photos, you can bring one or two versatile items.

shoe:Try not to wear boots that are too hot. Comfortable sneakers with soles that are not too soft are the best choice., be sure to choose shoes that you are accustomed to walking long distances (try not to bring new shoes that you have not worn to avoid discomfort)

Accessories:Some places in Tibet are windy, so it is recommended to wear a hat in summer, it can be windproof and the most important thing is to avoid uncomfortable reactions. You can choose a thin fur hat or a peaked cap that is not easily blown off by the wind. In short, remember the two principles of "onion style dressing" and "convenience and comfort". Can.

Tibet Weather Guide and Recommended Dressing for Summer

Tibetan Weather Seasonal Dressing-Autumn (September-November)

Average temperature in autumn in Tibet: 0℃-15℃

coat:In addition to the unique charm of Tibet in autumn, keeping warm is also very important. During activities in Nyingchi, Lhasa and other places,Be sure to bring cold-proof clothingEspecially in high-altitude areas such as Everest Base Camp and Alietc. It is recommended to wear a thick coat or a double-layered coat. You can add different outfits according to indoor and outdoor conditions or whether it is hot or cold. If you are particularly afraid of the cold, it is recommended to bring a thick down jacket to cope with the temperature at night when the temperature may drop to more than ten degrees below zero.

Jacket:The focus in autumn is also onion-style dressing, which recommends wearing thermal clothing., the first choice for tops is warm long-sleeved sweatshirts or sweaters.

Pants:Thick casual pants, outdoor pants, sports pants, etc. are all suitableIf it fits, it is recommended to add a pair of warm heating pants inside.

Underwear:The main ones are made of comfortable cotton, and you can prepare disposable underwear as a replacement.

shoe:Hard-soled travel shoes, outdoor shoes, and sports shoes are suitable for most scenic spots. High-top outdoor shoes are more suitable for high-altitude areas such as Mount Everest and Ali.

Accessories:Warm hats and gloves are very important, it is recommended to bring a setIf your neck is afraid of the cold, you can choose a scarf or a top with a high collar.

Although both September and October in Tibet are autumn,But the temperature is still quite different, it is recommended that you prepare a short-sleeved or thin long-sleeved top as a replacement before September. After October, you must pay great attention to keeping warm. Passengers who are afraid of heat should bring a thin jacket as a replacement.

Tibetan Weather Autumn Outfit Guide

Tibetan Weather Seasonal Dressing-Winter (December-February)

Average temperature in autumn in Tibet: -20℃~10℃

The cold weather in Tibet in winter requires special clothing to stay warm and comfortable. Although winter (December to February) is cold and is the off-season for travel, because of the longer sunshine, it is already more comfortable than many snowy areas. Just bring warm clothes and keep warm!

coat: In the cold winter in Tibet, when choosing a coat, you should consider wearing a thick, sandwiched down jacket or a jacket with better warmth. There are often strong winds in Tibet, so the windproof performance of the jacket is better. At the same time, you can wear a thick sweater or thermal suit underneath to increase warmth.

Pants: In order to resist the severe cold, choose thick casual pants or down pants as outer trousers, preferably those with higher density and less susceptible to wind. Jeans are not suitable for this season and do not provide enough warmth. If necessary, you can wear a layer of woolen pants underneath to increase warmth. You can choose pure cotton pants or woolen pants for thermal pants.

underwear: It is very important to choose pure cotton underwear, because in the dry Tibetan climate, nylon clothing is easy to generate static electricity. In addition, it is also a good choice to have some disposable cotton underwear as a spare for easy replacement without worrying about washing.

shoe: When choosing shoes, it is recommended to use high-top outdoor shoes or hard-soled outdoor shoes, and even sports shoes can be considered. Not only do these shoes need to be warm, they also need to be waterproof and non-slip, as it can snow in Tibet in winter and the roads can be slippery.

In short, the weather in Tibet is the coldest in winter, so you must bring suitable warm clothes to avoid catching a cold.

Is it cold in Tibet? When is the best month to travel to Tibet?

Summarizing the above outfits, you can see that traveling to Tibet is actually very suitable all year round, as long as you wear the right clothes! You can travel to Tibet with peace of mind. If you really need less clothes, there is an option to rent military coats at Everest Base Camp (Please ask your travel consultant for detailed services and prices.)


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